Catherine Valentinojournalist, television and radio host, as well as one of the most prominent figures in Venezuela and Florida, through sharing on her social profiles educational content that has gone viral and seminars, VIP Masterclassprovides tips and advice on the etiquette of kindness as a tool for advancing professionally and socially and consequently for achieving psycho-physical well-being.

Emotional dependence: how to distinguish it from strong love
Emotional dependence: how to distinguish it from strong love

What inspired you to organize your VIP Masterclasses? And why is the etiquette of kindness so important?

The need arose fromthe desire to live in a a society educated in the spirit of respect and kindness. We live in a world where the coolest person is the one who says the rudest things, where scandals about people’s private lives go viral and I wonder where the valuable content is. Earning respect is something entirely different.

This is what men and women have done through the hard work, commitment, dedication and discipline: artists, athletes, businessmen who have set a standard in the world. There is a big difference between receiving someone’s attention or their respect: l‘attention fades, respect remains. This is the flower in the middle of the swamp, everything that is scarce increases its value, that is why respectable people are so sought after in today’s world. Often even saying words like “good morning”, “thank you”, “please” is considered a waste of time. Thus the cornerstone on which the very concept of society is based has disappeared. My VIP Masterclasses arouse a lot of interest in people and so, starting from Miami, I was able to proudly bring them to Venezuela, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

How much does reaching the best version of yourself affect your mental and physical well-being?

This concept extends to the person at 360°, from overcoming one’s limits to reaching one’s goals; from learning to be appropriate in every situation, both in terms of the way one dresses and how one behaves; from learning to have an elegant bearing to being kind and polite with everyone: from the ambassador to the doorman, from the president of an important company to the merchant; from being kind to oneself, taking care of one’s body and one’s health, both physical and spiritual. Reaching the best part of self themselves is the real key to success in society and relationships and this leads to great well-being, both psychological and physical because people feel more confident, love themselves more and increase their self-esteem.

In addition to masterclasses, you use your social media channels to protect the psychological health of your 7 million followers from the negative repercussions that the perfect life narrated by influencers can have…

For me it is essential to explain to my beautiful community of followers that the a glossy life free of painful moments and failures is not real life and that perfection is fiction, because it does not exist for anyone. I try to explain that the stage of exclusively positive emotions, often told on social media is only a utopian reality and that the comparison with one’s own lifein addition to being unhealthy is completely useless. I can proudly say that my community is committed to sharing this content, in order to maximize the concept that we must always keep in mind that often the ‘reality’ shown on social media is filtered and better than what it really is.

Caterina Valentino (Photo: Paola Lattari, Stylist: Stefania Sciortino, MUA: Manola Spaziani)

How can we subvert dynamics such as social distancing, the anxiety of offline human relationships, the frustration generated by exaggerated comparisons with the lives of others and the negative effects on one’s self-esteem?

I am pleased to note that in this historical phase we are starting to find counter-trend behaviors, thanks to a newfound need on the part of people to connect even offline, to look each other in the eye, to hold hands. In Florida there are more and more places where it is forbidden to take photographs and make videos, both to restore social contact and to respect people’s privacy. The effects of social networks on people can be very negative, including influencing the lives of others and increasing anxiety and frustration, especially due to the comparison between one’s life and that of one’s social contacts, generating negative effects on one’s self-esteem.

How much can this tendency psychologically influence the will and stubbornness to achieve goals? To fight for values ​​or social causes?

It is essential to be selective on social networks with respect to the people you want to follow and the content to watch and ask yourself an important question: “What value does this person add to my life?”. We must remain anchored to the awareness of the content to which we expose ourselves, precisely to avoid being passively cannibalized by this circus of content of all kinds and above all be aware of the time we spend on the phone, because that is time that is taken away from our real life, from achieving our goals and from our personal and professional fulfillment.

Who is Catherine Valentino

Catherine Valentino was born and raised in Caracas, daughter of Italian immigrants. She dedicates herself to journalism from a very young age and graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University in Communication. She began her professional career at Puma TVa Venezuelan UHF channel dedicated to the promotion of music videos. In 1997, it switched to Radio Caracas Televisionwhere he presents the program Planeta Sur. In 2007 hosts the reality show Sudando La Gota Gordaa local adaptation of the format The Biggest Loser. After three seasons on the air, in 2010, hosts the program Who is the best dancer? broadcast simultaneously on Venevisión in Venezuela and on Telesistema 11 in the Dominican Republic.

Caterina Valentino (Photo: Paola Lattari, Stylist: Stefania Sciortino, MUA: Manola Spaziani)

In 2010 he also joined E! Entertainment Televisionhost of E! VIP Caracas, a program about the nightlife of the Venezuelan capital, which also airs in the USA, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. Brand ambassador for Swarovski, Hublot, MAC, Lufthansa and Mario Hernandez, Catherine Valentino She graces the red carpet at events like the Billboard Latin Women in Music Awards and is a guest at events including Aruba and Madrid Fashion Week.

In 2013, he published his autobiography entitled Brave Heart and becomes a columnist for the newspaper El Nacional and the Venezuelan website Caraota Digital. In 2014, she was a special guest at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2015, she made her debut as an actress in the soap opera Amor Secreto, by Venevisión. Since 2012, she has been a correspondent for Caracol Internacional for Venezuela. In addition, in 2018, she began collaborating with Antena 3 as a correspondent in Caracas. In 2019, she was awarded thehonor of Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy by the Italian Governmentin recognition of his work as a journalist and for having strengthened cultural ties between Italy and Venezuela. In the same year, Catherine Valentino he moved to Miami and founded the eponymous beachwear and accessories brand.