In the contemporary fitness landscape, the crucial question is no longer whether everyone can approach this world, but rather how we can make it more accessible and inclusive for every individual. Today, more than ever, fitness is not just a practice reserved for elite athletes or industry experts. It has become a vital health and well-being improvement tool for anyone looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Anytime Fitness is committed to bridging this gap by offering a welcoming and accessible environment for all types of people, regardless of their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain strength, or simply improve your mental balance, you’ll find the support and resources you need for your personal journey. Our mission is clear: to make fitness a right, not a privilege, ensuring that every individual can feel comfortable pursuing their goals.

The CEO of Anytime Fitness Roberto Ronchi tells us about it

«As CEO of Anytime Fitness, I can confidently say that our mission is to make fitness accessible and inclusive for everyone, increasing people’s self-confidence and directing them towards a healthier and healthier lifestyle»

Can everyone approach the world of fitness?

«Absolutely yes, well-being must be within everyone’s reach. In fact, consumers today tend to be looking for brands that welcome the individual, whoever they are and whatever the objective to be achieved, and guarantee a social impact on this issue. Each person is unique and so are their goals. Whether it’s losing weight, improving overall health, building strength, or simply finding mental balance and wellbeing, we are here to support each individual on their journey. We offer a variety of programs and equipment to meet the needs of everyone, from complete beginners to more experienced athletes. This approach represents a valuable opportunity to stand out and make positive changes within the industry in which we operate. Today the world of fitness still inspires a sort of fear towards those who would like to approach it, but do not feel in the right position to do so. This feeling must no longer exist. We work in a sector that makes people’s well-being its cornerstone.”

How has your sector evolved in this sense? What has changed compared to 10 years ago?

«The fitness industry has changed enormously over the last ten years, evolving to become increasingly inclusive and accessible to a wider audience. Ten years ago, gyms were often perceived as places reserved mainly for athletes or those who already had a good base of physical preparation. Today, however, there is a growing awareness (also through the media) of the importance of fitness for the general well-being of all people, regardless of their age, physical condition or personal goals. Furthermore, technology has played a crucial role in this transformation. The use of fitness apps, wearable technology such as smartwatches and fitness trackers, and online platforms for virtual training has made it easier for people to monitor their progress and achieve their goals. Another big evolution has been the increased emphasis on mental health and overall well-being. Today, fitness is no longer seen only as a means to obtain good physical shape, but as an essential component for mental health and emotional well-being.”

How have approaches to training in the fitness world changed to adapt to the needs of users looking to get fit quickly?

«The impression is that Italians’ attention to fitness has increased over the years, perhaps because it is part of an approach increasingly oriented towards the wellbeing of the person. This change was precisely driven by a greater awareness of the importance of well-being overall and by the need to integrate fitness into increasingly hectic lifestyles. In our case, Anytime Fitness responded to this growing demand by offering a quality product, a wider range of services, including nutrition, mindfulness and recovery programs. Fitness is no longer just a means to improve physical appearance, but is an essential component for a healthy and balanced life and Italians, like many other people in the world, are embracing this new mentality, recognizing the value of taking care of own body and mind.”

Your brand has been in Italy since 2016: what are the medium and long-term development objectives?

«Looking to the future, our future goals are ambitious and aim to consolidate our position as a leader in the fitness sector in Italy. Among the medium-long term objectives we certainly find the expansion of the gym network with 10-12 new openings per year, the focus on the technological advancement of the tools available to our affiliates, the continuous investment in training of resources internal to our system. Our long-term vision is to see Anytime Fitness as the primary choice for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being in Italy. We want to be recognized not only for our high-quality facilities, but also for our commitment to supporting each individual in achieving their fitness and wellness goals.”

Does the fitness sector continue to be a profitable sector for those who choose to invest within it? What skills are needed to invest within this sector?

«The fitness sector represents the opportunity for the future for those who want to invest in a rapidly growing industry.
The Anytime Fitness affiliation offer is aimed at entrepreneurs – not necessarily with specific experience in the fitness sector – managers or professionals who want to start a new business themselves – or in partnership – with the aim of improving their lives and that of your family. People interested in investing in a format characterized by financial solidity and network stability which boasts a global success rate of 96%. It should be underlined that more than 60% of franchisees own more than 3 gyms and 44% of franchisees own more than 5 clubs. The network affiliation format differentiates itself from competitors by offering a very high level service to the partner, supporting him in every phase of the business through attentive and professional assistance. Initial support is provided in the search for the most suitable location for the “Anytime” parameters and, in the event that the Franchisee already has proposals, we proceed with a careful geo-marketing analysis that can highlight the strengths and critical points of the territory . Once this has been defined, we proceed with the planning and design phase through professionals in the sector who ensure that the guidelines imposed by the parent company are functional and adapted to the reference market. Anytime Fitness also ensures support for the promotion of the center and for the general marketing strategy to be implemented, both in the pre-sales phase and after the opening. The training and continuous updating of the commercial staff represent essential prerogatives of the business format. The franchisee is also facilitated in managing their business through an intuitive portal that allows the management of the club even remotely. The estimated investment and the services offered, thanks to belonging to a global brand, finally provide strong benefits for access to financing”.

What are the benefits of having access to the gym at any time using a badge?

«Having access to the gym at any time with the use of a badge offers numerous benefits for members, significantly improving the overall experience and increasing flexibility and convenience. Here are some of the main advantages:
Flexible hours: at any time of the day or night, better adapting to their work and personal commitments.
All this in any club in Italy and the world, 365 days a year. Adaptability to personal needs: users can choose less crowded times to train, avoiding rush hours and enjoying a quieter and more pleasant experience, integrating training into their day more efficiently, saving time and reducing stress . Particularly convenient for commuters, shift workers and any individual with unconventional working hours. Security and Control: Using a badge ensures that only authorized members can access the gym, increasing security. Gyms can monitor member logins in real time, improving security and operational management.
In summary, access to the gym at any time through the use of a badge offers a combination of flexibility, convenience, security and added value, improving the overall member experience and encouraging their loyalty. This modern and user-friendly approach aligns perfectly with the needs of a public increasingly attentive to time management and personal well-being.”