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Festival of financial well-being, appointment in Rome

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Festival of financial well-being, appointment in Rome

Insurance AllianceInsurance Alliance

Talking about money without taboos: two days of talks, workshops, laboratories, stand-up comedy and singing interviews are underway

The goal of the financial wellness festival is to start an honest and taboo-free conversation around the topic of money. In every aspect: the importance of receiving (or imparting) financial education, the opportunities and awareness that we can access thanks to the latter, the disparities that are too often silenced, our personal stories and the relationship with money that they have shaped. All transformed into a great collective game!

The festival is created by Copper, a communication platform that wants to democratize financial well-being, and which produces content (podcasts, newsletters, Instagram page) read and listened to by over 60 thousand people, 80% of whom are women. And it is made in collaboration with Insurance Alliancea Generali Group company that has been engaged in the field of financial and insurance education for years, “a strategic lever to improve well-being and social equity for the entire country system”, as it claims Davide Passero, CEO of Alleanza Assicurazioni.

«Interpreting our corporate social responsibility, as an Alliance we have been engaged for years in the development of our National Financial and Insurance Education Plan, to create an ecosystem between private operators, institutions and associations to respond to the different situations of financial fragility identified by our Edufin Index report, among which women, young people and new Italians stand out – explains Passero -. This Financial Wellbeing Festival goes exactly in this direction and confirms the widespread role that our consultants play in the area in promoting and spreading financial and insurance culture”.

Insurance Alliance (2)Insurance Alliance (2)

To push people to worry about money, we need to dismantle the idea that it is a boring, or worse yet vulgar, narrow-minded topic. And this is exactly what the schedule of events that will take place in the Monk Arena aims to do. Where you can laugh with your friends standup comedian Giulia Cerruti And Fill Pill. We will look into the economic history of two exceptional women, the writer Teresa Ciabatti it’s theanchor women by Sky Lavinia Spingardi. We will sing with Michele Bravi And Francesca Michielin. And finally we will discuss “How much it costs to be a woman” or “How much it costs to spend better” with economists, activists and writers.

During the festival, there will be an opportunity to take action. Participants will be able to register for two free of charge workshops:

How to design (and achieve) your financial goals
How do you spend your money?

The goal is to learn to define your life goals, but also to learn to distinguish true and false needs. And align our spending with the person we want to be.

As a gift for all workshop participants Notebook of well-being rituals financial, which contains a real path that everyone can take at their own pace and which will lead to full financial resilience. Pages to read, exercises to do, emotions to note down. A truly precious travel diary to keep.

Not only that, during the festival, on the Monk terrace, i money coach of Rame and the insurance consultants of Insurance Alliance will be available for 20 minute 1:1 sessions with those who want to do a checkups of their financial life or receive behavioral and psychological advice

Absolutely yes. During the festival, in the garden, there will be two workshops to convey the first notions of economics to children.

For the little ones, “How much do desires cost”, organized by Savings Museum of Turin. For the older ones, “A pinch of economics” edited by Luciano Canovaco-author together with Giovanna Paladino of the book of the same name.

Yes, a job with an extraordinary social impact, because teaching how to manage money means giving people independence and power. Exactly what Alleanza’s insurance consultants do, with their unmistakable style, who accompany customers in designing and then realizing their life paths.

Those who think they recognize themselves in a mission of this type will be able to meet and discuss with the professionals of Insurance Alliance In the corner “Money career” intended to collect applications from future insurance consultants.

In fact, Alleanza is looking for people to train for this task. And she’s mostly looking for women. Because if the challenge is to remove the obstacles that prevent the female population from taking control of their financial lives, having more and more women consultants will contribute to the cause, as certified by the “Women who talk to women about money” program launched years ago by the Company.

Rame is a startup that has set itself the mission of encouraging women to take care of their money. Today, in Italy, 37 percent of women – more than one in three – do not have a bank account. This means that they cannot independently dispose of resources and therefore cannot choose in complete autonomy, making themselves vulnerable to economic violence.

This problem, in Italy, where the female employment rate is 49% (Istat), has ancient roots. If financial knowledge is low everywhere in the world, Italy is the only country where the gender difference on the topic is three times greater than in the others. Boys already know more about the ABCs of money management than girls at the age of 15. As adults, just 30% of Italian women are “literate”, compared to 45% of men.

Financial education, however, is not enough. Knowledge alone cannot restore power to women. We need to act on behaviors, ensure that the topic of money enters conversations and begins to be of profound interest. This is why Rame was born, to carry out the cultural revolution necessary to ensure that financial knowledge is within everyone’s reach.

In 2020, Alleanza launched a “National Financial and Insurance Education Program”, divided into various projects including free educational seminars which in recent years have registered over 305 thousand participants and more than 3600 events, divided between “Protection Day”, “Investment Day ” and “Retirement Day”.

This year the Company launched the first edition of the “Financial Education Tour” and the Festival is an extraordinary stage of this journey along the entire Peninsula.

The objective of this project is to raise awareness and respond to the different situations of financial fragility that still remain in Italy today, where 10% of the population is in a condition of financial and insurance illiteracy.

When: 22-23 June from 6pm to 11pm
Where: Monk – Rome, Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35
Registrations for activities in which you intend to take part HERE

Event organized in collaboration with Alleanza Assicurazioni with the participation of the Savings Museum

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