Fridge emptying recipes? Raise your hand if you haven’t had to deal with these preparations at least once. They are the right solution when you need to empty the fridge because you have to leave, or because you need to clean the refrigerator same. Or when you don’t have time to go shopping and have to juggle leftovers and a few vegetables.

The perfect solution also for combining ingredients close to expiration, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and additional expenses. A super sustainable proposal, also perfect for creating a last minute dinner with last-minute guests. Or to improvise an unplanned aperitif. With what the refrigerator offers you can create delicious dishes, so as to create new space in anticipation of the next purchases. Here are the ones I love the most.

Emptying the fridge recipes, ideas and suggestions

Recycling leftovers is a healthy rule because, as mentioned, it allows you to avoid wasting food that could end up in the garbage even if it is still good. Furthermore, reusing it has some positive repercussions on the domestic economystimulates personal imagination and pushes us to invent new combinations, halving our impact on the environment.

Simplicity is always the best solution, because it offers the possibility of mixing different tastes and aromas without being unnatural. Below are some interesting proposals that you can easily replicate at home.

Alternative pesto

The Ligurian pesto It is a super-loved and tasty recipe, but it can be declined in many ways simply by using what you have in the fridge. For example, you can create it with dried tomatoes by mixing them with garlic, almonds, oil, parmesan and fresh basil. Also perfect is the one to make with broccoli or rocket, beneficial because it is rich in vitamin C and a super antioxidant. And what do you think of fresh broad beans? If you are not allergic to this precious legume, beneficial for teeth and bones, you can prepare a pesto delicious by mixing everything with garlic, oil, pecorino and a few mint leaves to taste. There can be many recipes, you can use every type of vegetable at your disposal, obtaining perfect creams even for croutons, ideal for improvising an aperitif with friends.

Fantasy meatballs

They are the symbolic recipe of the food recovery of the past, of the poor but tasty cuisine of the grandmothers who made them with what they found in the pantry. Even today they retain that charm of the past, and to prepare them you just need to open the refrigerator and choose the most suitable combination. They can be made by mixing the minced meat, preferably organic, with eggs, potatoes, garlic, parsley and obviously breadcrumbs. Or prepare a veg variant and create it with peas and potatoes, or with courgettes, perhaps recycling the vegetables you used to prepare a light broth. To be cooked in the oven for a lighter result and to be served with a sauce prepared by blending tomatoes, olives, parsley and garlic.


A food that we often buy in large quantities but which ends up languishing in the pantry. Simply cut it into slices or pieces, pouring everything into a large bowl to mix it with paprika, thyme, marjoram and finely chopped parsley. Place it on the dripping pan and cook in the oven with a drop of oil and some fine garlic. With the dry bread you can make a tasty breadcrumb, perhaps mixed with fresh herbs, perfect for breading. Or prepare some delicious meatballs simply softening it in milk, then mixing it with chopped garlic and parsley, cheese and eggs. It is seasoned with salt and pepper and then created into small irregular balls, to be fried or cooked in the oven. But with the bread dry they can create many different dishes such as mini pancakes or homemade gnocchi, up to the legendary tomato soup.

Everything with vegetables

When vegetables stare at me for a long time from the refrigerator I understand that it is time to save them from oblivion, and among the recipes that I love the most is the preparation in the oven. I wash them and cut them into rounds, or into small pieces, with a matchstick or into strips with a mandolin. Or simply into pieces and arrange them on the baking tray covered with baking paper, then sprinkle them with oil, chopped sage, thyme and rosemary. A sprinkling of salt and pepper, they are cooked until golden brown and ready to be enjoyed as an aperitif. But the vegetables can also be enjoyed raw in the most classic of pinzimonio, or used for the ratatouille. With leftover vegetables you can also prepare delicious sauces to dress pasta, for example you can bake some leftover cherry tomatoes in the oven with thyme, oil, onion, garlic, oregano, bay leaves and a sprinkling of sugar. When they are cooked, remove the herbs, blend them, cook them in a pan to thicken everything and dress the pasta with fresh basil. But it doesn’t end there because with vegetables you can create healthy sauces soups and soft ones velvetyalso excellent if made with leftovers such as the peel and scraps of potatoes and cauliflower, to be flavoured with herbs. With the hard part of asparagus, for example, you can make super tasty broths. And with vegetables and cereals you can get some very good Salads maybe barley or spelled.

Savory pie, how delicious

Pasta can be easily prepared at home, or conveniently purchased to create light and very easy savory pies. This is the most classic preparation to empty the fridge, just cut the vegetables into slices, if you like you can quickly sauté them in a pan or place them directly on the pastry arranged in the cake pan. Add the cheese, herbs and oil and that’s it. Obviously let’s not forget that with the vegetables you can also prepare some delicious rolls or very quick omelettes. The fastest is created with a mixture of leftover aromas in the fridge, cheese and eggbeat everything together and cook in a pan.

Porridge for breakfast

Very easy to prepare for a super healthy breakfast, prepare the base with oat flakes to cook in water or vegetable milk, even the night before. In the morning mix with agave juice or honey, fruit and Greek yogurt. Alternatively you can enjoy a super delicious granolato be flavored with fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and whipped honey. A real treat.

Everything with fruit

And what do we do with it? ripe fruit? Everything and more, from jam to muffins, through a delicious banana bread or pancakes. You can create smoothiesmoothies, centrifuged drinks, fruit salads, cold creams, vegan ice creams, spoon desserts, mousses, up to the most classic ones cakes and soft biscuits. Obviously together with good food dark chocolate.

As you have seen, with leftovers you can create many recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate. Just do not put limits on your imagination, avoiding too fatty condiments but aiming for simplicity of execution. The right answer to obtain delicious dishes and dishes, healthy, light and super sustainable.

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