EBOLI – Physical and mental well-being is fundamental for a healthy and balanced life, and Prof. Giuseppe Maiorano Salerno di Eboli has dedicated around 40 years to its promotion. And in the “Press Release/Culture” section ofHANDLE in an extensive interview published on June 17th Prof. Maiorato revealed the salient points, which among other things are reported in his book. His has been a long career which has seen him engaged, and successfully, both in teaching physical activities and in the management of his centre.”My World“, developing his method “Form-Mind“, useful for helping people improve their health by integrating physical activity and mental coaching. Maiorano has assisted thousands of people in achieving their total well-being goals, demonstrating that with passion and determination, every goal is possible.

Prof. Maiorano, do you want to make a presentation about yourself and what you do?

My life has been entirely dedicated to physical and mental well-being. With years of experience in fitness, rehabilitation and mental coaching, I have worked to promote health through a combination of physical activities, nutritional counseling and mental training. Graduated in Exercise and Sports Sciences, I spent 38 years teaching Physical Education in state schools and created and led my “My World” Fitness and Wellbeing Center. I have helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals. After years of field studies, my dream was to create a unique system to help everyone, so I created the “Forma-Mind” transformation method, which integrates physical exercise and mental coaching. I have trained world-class athletes in body building and counseled over 20,000 people on weight loss and weight gain. I have contributed to the management of SPA centres, hotels and tourist villages and trained numerous Personal Trainers with my school. I am also a speaker at training courses and a marketing consultant for fitness facilities. I think I am a living example of how determination, passion and scientific knowledge can change people’s lives.

Forma-Mente, in addition to being representative of your brand, is also a path of improvement and personal growth. Can you give us a preview of how you plan to address this topic in your book?

Certain. My book will guide the reader through a journey of transformation using the “Shape-Mind” method. I will start by telling my personal story, from humble beginnings to my journey as an athlete in various sports. I will show how it is possible to achieve great goals starting from scratch, only with the power of dreams and passion. Subsequently, I will introduce the fundamental principles of the Form-Mind method, explaining how body-mind well-being are a single identity. Each chapter will be dedicated to a specific aspect of the journey, such as the importance of physical activity, conscious nutrition, stress management and self-esteem. I will share mental coaching techniques and strategies to overcome challenges, stay motivated and achieve your goals. The book will include success stories of people who have followed the Mind-Shape method, showing how this path has changed their lives. Finally, the book will be enriched with experiential representation and useful advice that readers can apply in their daily lives. My goal is to provide a comprehensive and accessible manual that can help anyone improve their physical and mental state, regardless of their starting point.

Which aspects of your personal and professional history do you think could be of inspiration for those who want to trigger a process of physical and mental transformation?

Different aspects of my story can be a source of inspiration:
1. Resilience and Determination: My life has been a constant struggle to overcome challenges. I began my sporting journey with little means and in a vital context devoid of these experiences. However, thanks to my ability to never give up, I have managed to excel in several sports disciplines such as martial arts, swimming, athletics, volleyball, bodybuilding and cycling.
2. Passion for Training and Education: My great passion for fitness led me to create my centre, “My World”, without the support of family and friends who did not believe in my project. This center has become a second home for me and for thousands of people I have had the privilege of coaching. My dedication, respect and love for my work have been key to creating a supportive and motivating environment. Today My World turns 40 years of presence in the area: it has become an institution in my city, it has been an example for many other activities in the sector.
3. Continuous training: I have always believed in the value of continuous training. I obtained a degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, taught Physical Education in public schools for over 38 years, participated in numerous refresher courses, masters and international conferences. This constant search for scientific and humanistic skills has allowed me to remain at the forefront of my field and to develop the Form-Mind path.
4. Customer Success Stories: One of the most rewarding aspects of my career has been seeing the transformation of the people who have followed me. I have trained competitive bodybuilding athletes up to world competitions and helped over 20,000 people achieve their goals. Their success stories are concrete testimony to the effectiveness of my training proposal.
5. Creation of the Form-Mind Method: The Forma-Mente method, the result of my frenzy and determination, is the culmination of years of experience, studies and passion for 360° integrated well-being. This The method does not just improve the body, but also works on the mind, promoting a winning and positive mindset. It is a path that starts from the inside to manifest itself on the outside.

What do you think is the first step to take to immediately improve your psycho-physical state?

The first fundamental step is adopting a positive and determined mindset. Here are some key aspects:
1. Awareness and Acceptance: Becoming aware of your current situation and accepting it without judgment is essential to being able to work on it constructively.
2. Set Clear and Realistic Goals: Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (SMART) objectives.
3. Create a Routine: Consistency is the key to any transformation. Creating a daily routine that includes physical activity, healthy nutrition and mental care is essential.
4. Seek Support and Motivation: Seeking support from friends, family or professionals such as a personal trainer or coach can make a big difference.
5. Adopt a Growth Mindset: Develop a growth mindset, see challenges as learning opportunities. Every progress, no matter how small, is a step forward.
6. Practicing Gratitude: Taking a few minutes each day to reflect on what you are grateful for can improve your mood and increase motivation.
7. Monitor Progress: Keeping a journal of successes, challenges faced and lessons learned can be very helpful.
8. Reward yourself: When you reach a goal, even a small one, give yourself a gift. For example, I lost 3 kg and I’m giving myself a new cell phone.

After many years spent in the world of sport, how much do you think mindset impacts both personal and professional results?

Mindset is a determining factor in personal and professional results. Here’s how it impacts:
1. Determination and Resilience: A positive and growth-oriented mindset allows you to face challenges with a new awareness. Obstacles become opportunities to learn and grow.
2. Focus and Discipline: A winning mindset helps you stay focused on long-term goals and be disciplined in following your instructional design plan.
3. Adaptability and Innovation: Having an open and flexible mindset allows you to adapt quickly to changes and innovate when necessary.
4. Self-esteem and security: A positive mindset directly affects your self-esteem and confidence. Believing in your abilities is essential to face daily challenges.
5. Motivation and Passion: The right mindset fuels motivation, passion and empathy, key drivers for long-term success.
6. Interpersonal relationships: A good mindset helps develop better interpersonal relationships and leadership skills.

Finally, I would like to say to those who want to change and improve the first step is to believe in yourself and your potential. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but rather with dedication, passion and a positive mindset, where anything is possible. The Forma-Mente method was created precisely to support everyone on this journey, offering a structured and integrated path that builds the total well-being of the person. Every little progress is a step towards the final goal.

Never give up, always try to be the best version of yourself. The good news is that what you need to change your current state is already within you, with Forma-Mind I will help you bring it out and use it in a constructive way.

I invite you to follow me and find out how Form-Mind can help you realize your transformation. Thank you for listening to me: it has been a pleasure to share my journey and I hope I can be an inspiration to many. Happy walking everyone!

Eboli, 18 June 2024