The Lazio Region, in order to promote the achievement of the objectives of Regional Law no. 15 of 26 July 2022, promotes theprovision of a psycho-oncological assistance plan in the regional oncology network, for cancer patients and their families/caregiversin order to ensure a psychological and psychotherapeutic support competent and integrated to those who face or have faced a disease that involves the person and his/her life system from a biological, cognitive, emotional, relational, social point of view.

The intervention, the subject of the notice published under the PR FSE+ 2021-2027 Lazio, provides for the creation of a catalogue of training and specialist in-depth activitieswhich will be activated within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding stipulated between the Lazio Region and the Order of Psychologists of Lazio, to promote the initiative “Psychological well-being for cancer patients” aimed at promoting access to a psycho-oncological care plan integrated into the regional oncology network.

Through this notice, the Region intends collect applications from associations and scientific societies active in the field of psycho-oncology in the clinical, training, social and research fields.

In order to ensure support for the network of professionals involved in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding, interested associations/companies may apply to carry out training and specialist in-depth activities in the following areas:

Area A) Individual interventions

  1. Psychological assessment of distress, coping strategies, general quality of life and
  2. cancer-specific and affective-relational context;
  3. Time-limited supportive-expressive psychotherapy for cancer patients;
  4. Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies and cognitive psychotherapies specifically developed for oncology;
  5. Psychotherapies that use body techniques validated in working with cancer patients;
  6. Psychoeducational interventions in the genetic counseling process for both the person affected by cancer and their family members.

Area B) Interventions on the family and caregivers:

  1. Assessment of family burden;
  2. Psychoeducational interventions aimed at family members;
  3. Family Conference/ Family Meeting;
  4. Support and counselling interventions aimed at caregivers.

Area C) Interventions on staff for the prevention and/or management of distress and burn-out and of the different forms of distress of healthcare personnel in the oncology area (e.g. moral distress, chronic bitterness syndrome, compassion fatigue syndrome).

The above-mentioned activities, as anticipated, must translate into specific training content and must be free of charge and no payments may be requested from users who join the initiative.

The planned activities will take place over a period of 36 months, the expected duration of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Lazio Region and the Order of Psychologists of Lazio.

Proposing subjects

Associations and Scientific Societies, individually or in association, with at least 10 years of experience in training and awareness-raising activities in psycho-oncology may submit their candidacy to carry out the planned interventions.

Please note that in the case of an application in an associated form, the individual associations/companies must individually possess the required requisites.

By way of example, documented experience and competence may be demonstrated in the following areas:

  • interventions to raise awareness among the population to promote primary and secondary prevention behaviors;
  • interventions to raise awareness among the population about the recognition of psychopathological suffering associated with cancer and its treatment;
  • psycho-educational interventions for patients and caregivers;
  • empowerment interventions for cancer patients;
  • training of psychotherapists in specific psychotherapies in oncology;
  • annual conferences and training courses on psychological/psychiatric topics related to oncology and onco-hematology;
  • training of doctors, healthcare staff, nurses who work with cancer patients in communication and relationships with patients and family members

Other subjects who can contribute to the success of the project activities may also join.

Membership in the support network is demonstrated by signing a declaration of membership.

The entities adhering to the network do not assume any responsibility related to the implementation of the project and cannot benefit from the public contribution granted.


The recipients of this notice are the network of professionals involved in the implementation of the initiative “Psychological well-being for cancer patients” resident and/or domiciled in the Lazio Region for at least 6 months.

How to submit project proposals

The proposals, according to the procedures set out in Article 10, may be submitted from 9:30 am on the day following the publication in the Lazio Region BURL of the provision approving the notice itself. and until 5:00 pm on Tuesday 10 September 2024.

Each proposing entity may submit a project proposal for one/two/all of the areas referred to in art. 4, however, it may be a member of only one ATS, under penalty of inadmissibility of further proposals received chronologically after the first candidature, as per the timetable traced by the regional computer system for access (SIGEM).

Project proposals must be submitted exclusively through the online procedure accessible from the website through the public SPID system, in order to increase the level of security of the system and in line with the provisions and methods of access to other services of the Public Administration, below is the link to consult the access manual:

Completing the procedure allows access to the compilation of all the sections required for the presentation of the project proposal. Within the platform, once logged in, the subjects must follow the instructions available on the portal home page for the purpose of the application, subject to possession of the requirements set out in this notice.

The project submission procedure is to be considered concluded only upon transmission of all the documentation required by the notice.

Financial resources

The intervention is financed, within the scope of the PR FSE Plus 2021-2027, through Priority 3 “Social Inclusion” for an amount equal to € 500.000.

The financial resources are structured in the following way:

Area A) Individual interventions: max € 250,000

Area B) Interventions on the family and caregivers: max € 150,000

Area C) Interventions on staff for the prevention and/or management of distress and burn-out: max € 100,000

Responsible for the procedure

Pursuant to Law 241/90 and subsequent amendments, the sole person responsible for the procedure is Dr. Elisabetta Longo, Director of the Regional Directorate for Education, Training and Employment Policies.


To provide assistance and support also during the proposal submission phase, it is possible to contact the following email address starting from the publication of the notice and up to two days before the deadline for the submission of proposals: [email protected].

Potential applicants are informed that the Directive of the Regional Directorate for Education, Training and Employment Policies (no. G04128 of 28 March 2023) has approved the system of reference rules for the implementation and reporting of activities co-financed with the European Social Fund (ESF), the European Social Fund plus (ESF+) and other EU and national Funds..

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