Whether you are passionate about aerial or full moon yoga, whether you want to treat yourself to a massage on a private island or treatments based on oils obtained from divi divi trees, when it comes to well-being this Caribbean island will know how to amaze you

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If you are looking for a place to regenerate body and mind, where to recharge your batteries and where every person you meet, or natural glimpse that passes you by, will speak to you of peace and serenity, Aruba could be the place for you.

The name of Isola Felice already suggests what it is moodthat can be felt in this corner of the world, where the population shows an innate predisposition to happiness and, consequently, well-being. As if this wasn’t enough, the numerous spas, yoga or pilates lessons, meditation courses and many sports activities allow you to amplify this sensation and take it with you even when you return home.

Yoga under the moon, on the water, in the air or with mercury retrograde!

A true yoga revolution is underway in Aruba that is positioning the island as one of the leading yoga destinations in the Caribbean. In fact, Aruba has seen a sharp increase in yoga retreats and has also become a very popular destination for obtaining certification in various disciplines.

Among the most unforgettable experiences there is certainly the Full Moon Yoga which includes lessons by the sea, illuminated only by the full moon. If you want something more intense, a workout total body that promises a wave of “happy hormones”, theAntiGravity Aerial Yoga is the perfect choice: a unique combination of yoga, dance, pilates and calisthenics, practiced with the help of a suspended hammock. Local yoga instructor Maria Pucci—who speaks 5 languages ​​including Italian—offers this fun and unique wellness discipline on the beach at the Hyatt Regency Aruba or in her private studio open air at his house.

But water still remains the most important element of this tropical island and the SUP Yoga – stand up paddle boarding – it is certainly one of the practices that best benefits from it. The calm and flat waters of Aruba are the perfect place to let yourself be lulled by the waves in an immersive yoga experience in close contact with nature. For astrology enthusiasts however, the Retrograde Ritual at the Hilton Aruba is the experience not to be missed. Astrologers believe that when Mercury is retrograde, chaos is more likely to intrude into our lives, especially in how we communicate with those around us. The Hilton Aruba celebrates this time of year with a “retrograde ritual” held on the resort’s beach at sunset and which is intended to be a healing experience, to lighten stress and mental load and return to thinking with serenity and lucidity.

Places where serenity is at home

In Aruba, it’s not just the wide white beaches that convey serenity. The “Walking Meditation” which takes place at dawn at the Butterfly Reserve is in fact a true journey towards inner peace. This practice led by Shanti – local yoga celebrity – will bring you closer to nature thanks to a unique environment like that of a tropical garden which is home to brightly colored butterflies and tropical plants of all kinds.

Less known but equally exciting is the Aruba Peace Labyrinth. Inspired by the original Peace Labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral near Paris, it was created with stones and sand in 2005 behind the famous Alto Vista Chapel. This meditative experience promotes inner peace and healing, and over the years, thousands of people have benefited from walking its paths and enjoying the soothing vibrations of the surrounding nature.

From nature to your body: well-being passes from zero-mile ingredients

From picturesque beach cabanas to state-of-the-art treatment rooms, Aruba’s many spas reflect the uniqueness and diversity of this Caribbean island. Inspired by the nature of this tropical paradise, most of these Spas offer treatments that use some products coming from local nature, first of all aloe: a symbolic plant of Aruba introduced in 1840 and which in a short time came to cover two thirds of the surface of the island, which became the largest exporter in the world. At the ZoiA Spa at Hyatt Regency Aruba, locally grown aloe is still one of the main products used for treatments today, especially for sun burns: the therapeutic benefits of this robust succulent help reduce redness and inflammation while restoring the body’s hydration. In addition to aloe, numerous other local ingredients are used at the ZoiA Spa such as red mud and island algae (including spirulina), which are naturally detoxifying and healing. Furthermore, from the welcoming scents of the diffusers to the salt or sugar scrubs, all the products here are supplied by Ma Didi, a brand of cosmetic products entirely made in Aruba.

Also there Spa at the Ritz-Carlton Aruba offers a variety of invigorating treatments, including the Spa’s “Aloe Mystery” treatment: a complete experience of hydration, cleansing and regeneration. But it is with the “Divi Divi Massage” that this Spa amazes: the main ingredient is in fact the oil derived from the Divi Divi tree, the characteristic plant sculpted by the wind that can only be found on this island with a dry and constantly beaten by the Caribbean breeze. The healing properties of the Divi Divi tree helps to relax muscles, nourish the skin and promote overall well-being.

Exclusive wellness: a private oasis on Pink Flamingo Island

In Aruba it won’t just be the massage that will be private, but an entire island! In fact, Renaissance Island is home not only to the famous pink flamingos of Flamingo Beach and the spectacular iguanas of Iguana Beach, but also the suggestive Spa Cove: A private cabana tucked into the mangroves offering outdoor massages overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Entrance to Renaissance Island is reserved for Renaissance Resort guests, who can access it via a motor boat that departs every 10 minutes directly from the resort lobby. For those who are not guests, however, entrances are limited but always guaranteed by booking a massage at this wellness oasis surrounded by turquoise waters. Spa Cove, part of Okeanos Spa, the spa located at the Marina Renaissance Resort, offers the “Sea Escapes” package which includes an open air tropical Swedish massage and the opportunity to enjoy a tropical cocktail or lunch at Papagayo Bar & Grill on the island. The Spa cove is reached via a private walkway and features a welcoming lounge and outdoor shower that allows you to relax before and after your treatment. All healing and energizing treatments are carried out in the open air and are designed to relieve muscles, calm the nerves, promote circulation, rejuvenate the skin and eliminate toxins, helping to generate an overall feeling of calm and well-being certainly facilitated by a unique natural panorama.