Find out how Socomec promotes employee well-being and growth with the "Wellbeing Project"improving the quality of work and corporate sustainability.

What contributes to the success of a company and its attractiveness on the market are not only factors such as technological development and innovation, but also and above all the “human capital”understood as the set of skills, commitment and collaboration of the entire working group.

With this awareness, Socomec places the well-being and intellectual, professional and relational growth of its employees at the center of its corporate philosophy. Over the years, in fact, the company has invested in the development of skills and training of people to face the numerous challenges of the market, without forgetting the importance of promoting a positive and supportive environment for workers and their families.

With this in mind, the “Wellbeing Project”which is divided into different areas, each designed to respond to the needs of employees at 360 degrees.

Welfare and rewards

Socomec Italia has achieved important results this year thanks to the continuous improvement of the quality of its products and the level of service, cost efficiency and safety. These are the indicators which, together with the excellent Group Ebit result, have allowed a value of more than 4,600 euros each to be distributed to workers as a performance bonus.

Each worker will be able to decide how to use the bonus, also taking advantage of the welfare benefits. In fact, the company offers the possibility of optimizing the value of the prize according to one’s personal and family needs, converting it into goods and services affiliated with the welfare platform, also offering an additional incentive of up to 20% to those who choose to use it.

Smart working

To face the challenges of a constantly evolving work context, Socomec Italia has decided to make smart working a permanent solution, allowing employees a better balance between professional and personal life to work in a more peaceful and productive way.

Navigate the Emotions

To promote the psychological well-being of its collaborators, in 2022 the company launched the project “Navigate the Emotions”. The program includes individual sessions of approximately one hour with an industrial psychologist and offers employees the opportunity to understand and develop their emotional intelligence, with the aim of improving stress management, communication and strengthening interpersonal relationships.

The project, open to all collaborators, has been very successful: 80 people have so far appreciated the opportunity to interact with a professional expert in mental health.

Gym of Emotions

To provide collaborators with “tools” that can help them better manage their own and others’ emotions, Socomec Italia has proposed, starting from 2023, group paths. The objective is to understand and recognize one’s emotions and one’s emotional paths, in order to be able to stay in the “here and now”, without being overwhelmed by the negative emotions that can be triggered when faced with certain situations.

Continuous training

The entire Group has been promoting the professional growth of its employees for years through the Socomec Academy, an online platform that offers training courses for employees and managers. The lessons address numerous topics and range from company products to soft skills, from personal development to business skills. These training courses allow the company’s workers to constantly update their knowledge and confidently face the challenges of the market.

The terrace

In June Socomec Italia will inaugurate its new company restaurant, a new canteen concept that combines a modern and spacious environment with high quality service. Through the use of local zero kilometer ingredients, the company intends to promote healthy and sustainable catering. Furthermore, it will be a place where thematic events and food awareness sessions will be organized to educate employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

English Camp

Now in its twelfth edition this year, theEnglish Summer Camp is an initiative proposed by Socomec Italia for the children of its employees. This summer campus offers a unique educational experience that integrates learning the English language with fun and recreational activities. In addition to enhancing language skills, the program supports participants’ personal growth in an engaging and stimulating environment.

Sustainability and the future

All the Socomec Group continues its commitment to sustainability investing in solutions to reduce environmental impact, promoting virtuous behavior among employees and partners. Since 2003, the Group has joined the “Global Compact”, the international initiative of the United Nations which aims to reduce the social and environmental impact of globalisation.

The company is in fact committed to respecting 10 fundamental principles in its strategic sustainability plan (SDGs) based on four key areas: human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. In particular, the entire Socomec Group firmly believes in the need to reduce environmental impact by basing its strategy on three pillars: employee well-being, environmental protection and responsible partnerships, supporting customers’ energy transition and aiming for zero carbon emissions .

A concrete example of the Group’s commitment to sustainable development is the ENERGY+ plan, launched in 2022: a program that aims to increase energy efficiency and reduce electricity consumption in buildings through production from renewable sources. Thanks to continuous improvements, the Socomec Group has achieved a use of 13% of renewable energy, while Italy has managed to exceed this threshold reaching 26%.

Since 2022, the company has also started a process of quantifying and reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with its activities. Furthermore, the Group has implemented a waste treatment system to maximize recovery at production sites. This approach contributed to a recovery rate of 68.6%.

“With the ‘Wellbeing Project’, we want to create an environment where each person can feel valued and supported to thrive as an integral part of a large international family. It is people who write our history and above all it is people who write our future. Because, when each of us is well, both in mind and body, the whole company is well”he comments Renzo Ronzani, managing director of the Vicenza office.

All the initiatives implemented by the Group and specifically by Socomec Italy with the “Wellbeing Project” they represent the result of a path undertaken for several years now: that of a company that deals with its business by putting people and the environment at the centre.

Find out how Socomec promotes employee well-being and growth with the "Wellbeing Project"improving the quality of work and corporate sustainability.