Launch of Asia's First Plant-Based Poached Egg & Egg Yolk

Launch of Asia’s First Plant-Based Poached Egg & Egg Yolk

Plant-based poached eggs

For the first time in Asia, a 100 percent plant-based poached egg and egg yolk made in Singapore for suppliers, F&B businesses, restaurateurs, hotels, and distributors worldwide have become available.

On 25th April 2023, award-winning, plant-based food technology and innovation pioneer Float Foods announces the launch of its two latest products:

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  • OnlyEg™ Poached Eg
  • OnlyEgTM Eg Yolk

Asia’s first plant-based poached egg and plant-based yolk debuts at the Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition at the Singapore Expo from 25-28 April 2023.

Developed with proprietary technology by Float Foods’ research and development team, OnlyEgTM offers a legume-based poached egg and yolk substitute.

OnlyEgTM Poached Egg offers the food industry an innovative solution to their plant-based menus so they can now serve a ready-to-heat, plant-based poached egg in minutes, simplifying operations for large café chains, hotel breakfast buffets, institutional caterers, and airlines.

OnlyEgTM Poached Eg addresses a need in vegan breakfast and brunch menus, expanding the serving possibilities from Poached Egs benedict, avocado toast, Turkish breakfast, Buddha bowls, kimchi fried rice, to pescatarian mentai ikura rice combinations and more.

OnlyEgTM Eg Yolk is among the very first plant-based yolks to be commercially available worldwide. Made with proprietary automated manufacturing technology developed by Float Foods enabling the scaling of production, OnlyEgTM Eg Yolk opens doors to new culinary possibilities and enables chefs looking to serve a broader variety of plant-based menu options.

OnlyEgTM Eg Yolk can replace egg yolks as an ingredient in Hollandaise sauce, carbonara pasta, crème brulee or custard, as well as a glaze in baking, or serve as a main ingredient in Korean bibimbap or Japanese kake gohan. Both products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with egg allergies as well as health-conscious consumers who require alternatives to animal eggs.

OnlyEg TM’s Poached Eg & Eg Yolk are cholesterol-free, with over 50 percent less saturated fat than a chicken egg, and are a clean and nutritious source of protein and dietary fiber. Plant-based eggs are a sustainable solution created to address the environmental impact of egg production, which is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in the food industry.

Unlike conventional eggs, OnlyEg TM’s Poached Eg and Eg Yolk require less land, water and feed to produce, which results in lowering the carbon footprint.

“We are thrilled to introduce OnlyEg TM’s Poached Eg and Eg Yolk, which are among the first plant-based whole egg available in Asia, at FHA Singapore,” says Vinita Choolani, Founder and CEO of Float Foods.

“Our mission is to provide sustainable and nutritious food options that are good for the planet and good for the people.”

“We believe that OnlyEg TM will revolutionize the alternative egg industry and offer a more sustainable and ethical alternative to conventional eggs. ”

OnlyEgTM Poached Eg will be launched on 26 April 2023, 10:30 am at the FHA APA Theatre, Singapore EXPO, at Food & Hotel Asia 2023 (FHA), the largest gathering of leading F&B manufacturers and emerging brands in a single platform attended by leading global suppliers, industry professionals.

OnlyEg is also presented during the exhibition at its booth located in Hall 3, 3B2-03. OnlyEg™ Poached Eg debuted commercially in Singapore at Little Farms Cafes from May 15, served as an Avocado Smash Egs Benedict.

The OnlyEgTM brand’s expansion strategy began in the fourth quarter of 2022 with its latest iteration in distribution agreements signed; including the launch of the brand this week with Day Day Cook, Hong Kong’s largest meal kit subscription service. The brand will roll out in Malaysia, Dubai, and Australia from June 2023.

About Float Foods

Float Foods Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based food technology start-up founded by Vinita Choolani with a mission to innovate, develop and advance the plant-based foods ecosystem. Float Foods develops food technology and innovations in plant-based eggs and alternative proteins with the aim of contributing to food safety, creating a sustainable environment, and enabling consumers to eat healthy, nutritious foods.

The first ready-to-eat OnlyEgTM products were launched in Singapore in June 2022, and are already Singapore’s fastest-growing plant-based egg brand, with adoption amongst Marina Bay Sands, Shangri-La Singapore, Fairmont Singapore, Conrad Centennial Singapore, and well-known cafes and restaurants such as Old Town White Coffee, Salad Stop and Prive.

Float Foods is venture-backed and supported by the Temasek Foundation and the Enterprise Singapore Startup Scheme. Float Foods’ OnlyEgTM range of ready-to-eat products includes OnlyEgTM Shreds, Omelette, Tamagoyaki, and Patties.

The OnlyEg TM range delivers 8 to 12 grams of plant-based protein per 100gm, over 70 percent less saturated fats, with zero cholesterol, artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings.


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