When it comes to oily skin we refer to that type of skin that has areas of greater oiliness and lucidity, particularly in T zone (forehead, nose and chin), as well as the presence of blackheads, whiteheads or pimples. A type of skin that, very often, presents itself at a young age but which can also be linked to genetics, hormonal factors, nutrition, stress, pollution, temperature changes or the use of the wrong products, often too aggressive.

A skin in which the sebaceous glands tend to produce too much sebum which as a consequence creates an oily film on the skin and the onset of impurities.

A skin which, therefore, precisely due to its characteristics, requires a targeted skincare routine for oily skin, which helps keep shine, blackheads and pimples at bay, in order to improve the situation and the general appearance of the skin. A skincare for oily skin rich in principles and products useful for counteracting excessive sebum production and allowing the skin to always be well cleansed and hydrated, but without attacking it.

What to avoid with oily skin

In fact, if you opt for unsuitable products, the typical problems of oily skin could present themselves in an even more aggressive form, increasing the production of sebum and related imperfections. This is why it is good to avoid products that are too oily and greasy, but this does not mean that the skin does not still need to be hydrated. The important thing will be to choose delicate and delicate products light texture, well balanced and not excessively nutritious. Ad hoc skincare products for oily skin, to be used in the correct way and giving the right attention, tricks, precautions and a skincare routine for oily skin to be followed scrupulously, but which is simple and effective.

First step of skincare for oily skin: remove make-up from the skin

At the base of one correct skincare routine there is undoubtedly one correct cleansing. The evening is important always remove makeup carefully, avoiding leaving residues. Although today’s makeup products are also formulated for oily skin, in fact, they are not designed to be worn all day. And it’s important to let your skin breathe as much as possible.

Avoid, if possible, full-bodied and oily products such as butters and two-phase make-up removers, preferring light textures like in a micellar water or a make-up remover specifically for this type of skin. Don’t attack your skin unnecessarily with make-up removing wipes but gently place a disk, even better if it’s eco-friendly, on your eyes, let it act for a few seconds and remove the make-up by moving it downwards. Proceed like this all over your face, it seems like a long process to explain, but it takes very little time.

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Not just make-up remover: the importance of cleansers

L’micellar water for oily skin it is essential, it is true, but it must be rinsed thoroughly. To do this you can use a specific cleanser for oily and impure skin, thus removing the last residues of make-up and product. Choose those specifically formulated for oily skin that are not too aggressive but not too full-bodied or nutritious. They are preferable gel or mousse texturewhich clean thoroughly without weighing down the skin.

Oily skin and deep cleansing

There oily skin often features more impurities, whiteheads and blackheads, which can be largely removed through deeper and more thorough cleansing of the skin. They are excellent for making it chemical peels or exfoliants like facial scrub. The important thing, even in this case, is not to abuse it. Acid-based chemical peels are preferable to scrubs, especially in the presence of whiteheads or pimples, because the mechanical particles could be too aggressive and cause wounds.

The products on the market contain minimal quantities of acids which should not irritate the skin, but it is always better to test the product first on the crook of the arm, to avoid any reactions. A slight redness is normal, but a strong burning sensation or discomfort is not. If you need a deeper action, it is better to go to a beauty center or even to a doctor, especially in case of acne.

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The tonic, an ally for the skincare routine for oily skin

The tonic it is a product that is too often underestimated but essential in any skincare, even more so if it is oily skin. Precisely by virtue of its liquid texture, in fact, it manages to penetrate deeply and, if well formulated, contains many active ingredients that convey the treatments that will be applied to the skin subsequently. They are to be preferred astringent or acid-based tonicsfor example glycolic or salicylic acidperfect for fighting pimples, blackheads and enlarged pores.

But not only. In fact, the tonic not only cleans the skin fighting impuritiesrebalances the acidity and over time, also manages to minimize pores. However, be careful that the chosen product does not contain alcohol, as it would be too aggressive for the skin as well as the oils, which would settle on the surface, weighing down the skin.

The serum and face cream

Hydration is a fundamental part of one skincare for oily skin. The skin, in fact, needs water and hydrating products regardless of the type, the important thing is to choose the most suitable ones that do not attack the skin and do not contain oils. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent, non-aggressive and light moisturizer, often present in the form of a serum, with a light texture and easy absorption.

The cream, however, must not be heavy, choosing fresh formulas with purifying and astringent active ingredients, which rebalance the production of sebum. Yes to water-based creams, including thermal ones, with antibacterial ingredients for fight impurities and imperfectionswith a gel or fluid texture.

The face mask, a friend of oily skin

Finally, if we’re talking about oily skin, here’s another essential friend to introduce into your skincare: the face mask. A precious tool to combat specific problems of oily skin, even temporary ones. In fact, it can happen that you have the oily skin but to feel dehydrated, to perceive it as gray and to want to brighten the complexion or to need to purify it more. The masks usually indicated for skin of this type are those with more delicate green or white clay.

The important thing is not to let them dry completely, otherwise they could dehydrate the skin, thanks to the absorbent and sebum-regulating properties they have. They are applied after cleansing the skin, left on for about ten minutes and rinsed, then proceeding with the application of serum and cream. An alternative are the fabric masks, more practical and quicker to use, because they are placed on the face, left to act and the product residue is then massaged without rinsing them. Precisely for this reason they do not require the use of a serum but you can proceed directly with the moisturizing cream.

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