Pweary, jealous and impatient. But also full of quality and wonderful qualities. Here are the things never to say to those who are Aries and well-being tips for those born under this sign

Here we are, spring has arrived and with it we rightfully enter the period dedicated toAries. In fact, the sign of Aries goes from March 21st to April 19th.

The characteristics of Aries

Determined, strong and courageous, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and begins spring. People belonging to this sign are enthusiastic, determined and passionate. They are usually extroverted, open and know how to act as a stimulus to those around them. Among their characteristics, then, there is being dynamic and very active.

The defects of Aries

People born under the sign of Aries they often react in an unrational and exaggerated way: impetuosity and impulsiveness are among their worst defects. Control freaks, they don’t like to wait, they can’t stand those who waste their time and those who tell them what to do. A nice character, in short, which is why there are some things that shouldn’t be right never said to an Aries, capable of inflaming him in just a few seconds and igniting his touchy nature in just a few sentences.

Things never to say to an Aries person

If you too are dealing with someone born under these stars, it is good to know some of the things that you should never, ever say in front of an Aries.

Are you sure you don’t need help?

If you are dealing with an Aries you will know well how stubborn they can be and how much they love to do things on their own, without anyone’s help. Even though you see them in difficulty, therefore, never insist to help them unless they ask you for support. All you would do is agitate them and ensure an unwelcome response.

Aries, you are too sensitive!

Although on the surface they may seem cold and not very emotionally inclined, those born in Aries are highly sensitive. This is why it is good not to exaggerate with comments, jokes, criticisms, etc. you would hurt them even if they don’t let you see it. Plus don’t let them notice theirs sensitivityyou would have them closed like a hedgehog until further notice.

The things you should never say to an Aries

You should watch this thing again

Never ever never criticize an Aries or give him unsolicited advice. Obviously if this is no more than strictly necessary. Otherwise it is very likely that the reaction will not be exactly the best. After all, their nature as leaders does not allow them to accept reprimands unless they are more than justified and possibly made in private.

How vain you are

So what? A true Aries, as we know, brings with him a good dose of egocentrism and vanity so much so that we often find ourselves looking in the mirror and/or talking about ourselves. The important thing is not to let him notice it by unleashing his slightly touchy side. Better to change the subject in a delicate and elegant way, without him realizing it or in any case limiting the damage.

It’s okay that you are an Aries but you should be more patient

Aries’ predominant characteristic is their impulsiveness and impatience in doing things. Or rather and in simple words, those born under these stars want everything right away. This is why, putting your finger on the wound by invoking their non-existent patience will only make them even more impatient. Leading them to express their disappointment in all its intensity. In other words, exactly the opposite of what one would like.

You will never succeed

Here are the words that most bring out the pride and competitiveness of the Aries sign. A perfect combo to ensure that they can transform theimpossible in possible putting it before you at all costs. And also demanding your recognition. And you can be sure they will convince you to give it to them.

Aries, can you calm down?

If there is one thing to never say to someone who is nervous and/or agitated it is to to calm down. If the person in question is of the sign of Aries, the advice is double. Don’t ever, ever do that. You would get the opposite result and you could be the one to pay the consequences. After all, you are the closest people at that moment, if not with you then with whom?

Do not be jealous

Here’s another million dollar phrase that you should never say to an Aries. Jealousy, in fact, is part of them (after all they are also self-centered). For this reason, if you don’t give them the right attention that they think they deserve, you will trigger their reaction and there will be no point in trying to moderate it. If not obviously to fuel it even more. Advice? Take into account the jealousy of Aries and try to make her your friend. Otherwise, forget it.

In short, there are so many things to never say to an Aries but this is only a very small price to pay if you want to give yourself the chance to enjoy the friendship and/or love of this exceptional sign.

Made like all of some pointed corner to pay attention to but also many, many quality which, once known, will be difficult to give up. What can I say, all you have to do is try and see for yourself.

Aries: characteristics, affinities, defects and well-being advice

Aries Affinity

L’Aries is a fire sign evvery much agreeespecially to build love relationships, with Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius and Aquarius. With Sagittarius he shares the adventurous spirit and desire for independence, while with Taurus a very strong relationship of esteem and trust can be created, focused on balance. In the Aries-Cancer relationship, however, despite the two signs being compatible, it can happen that the impulsive and predominant character of the first crushes that of the second. L’affinity with Aquariusfinally, it is above all mental, as well as physical: the two signs share ethics and passions and their relationship is extremely balanced.

Aries: wellness tips

One of the main characteristics of Aries is its largeness power, which leads her to be a very dynamic person. Being a fire sign, has within itself a “hearth full of wood” waiting for a spark to ignite. If she wants something she gets it also because she challenges fascinate him: in fact he has one Warrior spirit and bellicose who does not retreat in the face of difficulties and enters every kind of competition with unshakable confidence. Regarding health, Aries is subject to frequent headaches, nasal congestion and gastritis. It’s all the fault of his tense temperament. Fortunately it has a great ability to recover and fight diseases quickly. His watchword is “action”. Here are some wellness tips for those born under this zodiac sign.

Manage anger

One of Aries’ weaknesses is their tendency to give in to others outbursts of anger. We know very well that it’s difficult, but when you feel like you’re about to explode, try to count to 10. And then force yourself to observe the (choleric) emotion you’re feeling. There are 2 actions to follow in those moments:

  • listen to your body’s signals that push you to act, trying to stop before it’s too late;
  • focus your mind on the thoughts that cross it: you will realize that some are truly unreasonable.

Don’t overdo it with alcohol

Aries’ impetuosity sometimes leads him to devour food without chewing and to drink too much alcohol without thinking about the consequences for his health. However, he reminds us that incorrect eating habits could impact on migraine episodesand we know that Aries is connected to the head.
It is therefore better not to overdo it with alcohol and always accompany it with robust snacks, never on an empty stomach.

Sports? Action ones are better!

Aries is one of the signs that most he suffers if he is held back and hindered in his desire to do or express himself. In fact, he has a lot of energy to spend in all the activities for which he has a true passion. The suggestion is to discharge this energy through sportbetter if they involve all muscle groups, like running.

Smell the scents that make you feel good

Usually Aries is an instinctive person who (also) finds his well-being in smell and taste. The suggestion is to surround yourself with perfumes that make you feel good.
Some studies have shown that there are parts of the brain that can be influenced, positively or negatively, by smells – it has been proven, for example, that the jasmine helps stimulate the abilities of troubleshooting and to increase interest and motivation while peppermint, bergamot, sandal And lavender have been found to be effective in increasing motivation.

Maintain relationships with others

The proverbial outbursts of anger and the stubbornness of Aries can put a strain on interpersonal relationships with loved ones, but also with colleagues and the neighborhood. The advice is to think about others before becoming stubborn about certain things or exploding or, even, excluding them: more sensitive people may not understand the nature of your attitudes and feel very hurt.

Head, target organ of Aries

Aries is connected to the head: due to the constant tension that characterizes its temperament, it can suffer from headaches and migraines, with serious consequences on lifestyle. The advice, therefore, is to prevent headache attacks by taking care of rest, nutrition, leisure and trying to live as regular a life as possible.
One more idea? Treat yourself to a nice scalp massage that chases away fatigue and releases positive energy.