There are things to never say to a Taurus, for the simple fact that quiet living is one of the most important things in the life of those belonging to this sign. If you were born between April 21st and May 20th you belong to the second of the zodiac signs on the chart, and the first Earth sign to make its appearance in the zodiac.

Just like the blossoming of spring, Taurus is an explosion of character, with a strong focus on beautiful things and high expectations for the future. And the others. If you have a Taurus among your acquaintances, you will certainly know that some of these phrases are not at all compatible with his serenity. And yours. And that of the universe.

Furthermore, for those born under the sign, there are some wellness tips to follow to live in harmony with yourself and others.

The characteristics of Taurus

Method, rigor, determination: these are the main characteristics of Taurus. Those born under this sign are sometimes mistaken for slow people: in reality, sThey are rational people who tend to ‘conserve’ their energy. Taurus people are affable and live their relationships (friends, romantic or family) in a stable and rational way. Furthermore, if he sets a goal, he achieves it. Free from any form of exhibitionism, Taurus is sensual and natural.

The defects of Taurus

Like other Earth signs, Taurus is very careful about finances and those around him may think of him as stingy. In reality, he does not like the superfluous and is against any type of waste. Furthermore, his being methodical and routine is a flaw for some. Finally, his intransigence leads him to be rigid in relationships: if something doesn’t work, he closes relationships and is unlikely to retrace his steps. Be careful, therefore, not to make him lose his patience.

Taurus Affinity

He doesn’t like being overlooked and is also a little jealous. For this reason, Taurus finds affinity with Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo: with them, lasting friendships can be born and capable of accepting the possessiveness of Taurus. People born under this sign then feel attracted, especially from a physical point of view, to Leo and Scorpio.

Things to never say to a Taurus

Things to never say to a Taurus

Like all zodiac signs, Taurus also has some weak points and there are phrases and behaviors to avoid if you want to be at peace with those born of the sign. Let’s find out the things never to say to those who are Taurus.

There’s no point in making plans, let’s go by feeling

Of all the things to never say to a Taurus, this one wins the prize. If you have already had the courage to experiment with it, you will have noticed her reaction. He could, for example, have locked himself in a deep silence, continuing to answer you in monosyllables for the rest of the day. After all, Taurus is patient and calm. Until, at least, he returns to the topic with all the nonchalance of which he is the master.

The zodiac sign of Taurus does not love live from day to dayand the idea of ​​not doing programs, especially if you’re planning a hike, throws it haywire. He won’t make a scene, he’s not the type, but you can be sure that he will try in every way to insert a tea towel of program during the day. And in the end, if you don’t pay enough attention… You will have done everything he wants, according to his plan.

This concept goes hand in hand with another characteristic element of Taurus, a sign typically attached to routine and to the organization. He’s not a compulsive planner, but he appreciates things when… They do not change. There spontaneity It’s not their forte.

Taurus: your ideal home

You’re too good, people will think they can take advantage of you

In reality, a friendly reminder can sometimes be useful, but from a Taurus, very often, you can’t expect anything other than kindness And disinterested favors.

A kind-hearted Taurus is the angel of the hearth, but also the person who wears trousers at home. Despite having low tolerance for lack of practical sense others, he loves to make sure that everyone around him can live better. This means that Taurus is not afraid to give up something for themselves and donate it to those who have less, or are in difficulty.

Never leave them on “viewed”

Things to never say to a Taurus? Nothing. The “seduction” technique of viewing his messages, starting to write and then deleting and closing the chat, without answering, it is counterproductive. A Taurus is a person who, usually, when he falls in love, is in it with all his shoes (and even a little more). We talk about romantic dinners and long, full text messages feelingbut also dispassionate romantic gestures that come from the heart.

Although not everyone may like it, in the purity of its feelings Taurus does not deserve the silent treatment. Ghosting doesn’t increase their desire: it makes them sad and frustrated, and prolonged silence can provoke a reaction of abandonment that will only end up making them move away.

The “medicine” of ghosting will only end up forcing you to make double the effort, later, to convince him that your intentions they are serious and you don’t like games.

Taurus: our favorite viveur

As you may have discovered, those belonging to this zodiac sign love beautiful things of life. So yes, in their priority scale they really need to buy the best on the market regarding their passions. We are not just talking about clothing, but also about sports equipment, for example, or technological tools. The best for what you love, without paying (too much) attention to the price.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taureans want to surround themselves with beautiful things and good food. This means that it is always a good idea not to comment on their purchasing choices. Another wise idea? Let him (or her) do it choose the restaurant. Budget permitting, you will find yourself having an authentic epicurean experience.

Can’t you get a move on?

Taurus loves to get things done in his way and usually excels in the performance of his duties. They are deeply convinced that everything take your time, and do not intend to indulge in the “barbaric” practice of multitasking. Focus theirs efforts and their energies will make them more efficient and consistent.

Better not to insist that they can be done multiple things at a time: Taurus people are not made to spend their attention on three activities at the same time.

Wellbeing tips for Taurus

Those born under this sign preserve and distribute theirs judiciously energiesso he is not generally a slender type but tends to have a solid constitution, tending towards robustness, if he exceeds at the table.
It tends to be sedentary and lazy, and therefore needs to be a little motivated in sporting activities.

Patient and calm by nature, it owes its well-being to affections (couple, friends, various acquaintances), which for him must be of quality. He loves contact with nature, he outdoor sports, but without too much effort, he has no digestive problems and often eats at will, he is a peaceful person but if provoked he attacks, he has great vitality and resistance. Negative psychic influence gives rise to stubbornness and fixations.

If you are a Taurus, follow these well-being tips to live peacefully with yourself and with the people around you.

Immerse yourself in nature

Being a earth sign, Taurus loves nature, indeed he seems born to enjoy everything that is “natural”: beauty, colours, flavours, perfumes, textures, touch… in short, all sensorial experiences provide him with the its lifeblood. The suggestion is not to disdain this profound aspect of your Taurean being, but to live it fully as often as you can.
A walk in the park, a trek in the mountains, a dive from a rock etc. in short, 360° immersion in nature regenerates you!

Sport? Group ones are better

Calm, comfortable and a little indolent (as long as you don’t make him angry), Taurus tends to be lazy: to practice physical activity consistently, he must be driven by a convincing motivation. Such as that of being among people, given that he is by nature sociable and enterprising.
Group or team sports are therefore better: in the first case, a charismatic coach will push him not to abandon; in the second, however, he will be able to put all his ideas into practice leadership and collaboration skills.

Watch out for lavish meals

Lover as he is gods pleasures of life, Taurus does not disdain those of the good table. His palate loves to savor all flavours, discover new ones and then return to the pleasant gastronomic habits that make him feel pampered. Well, the risk is that of putting on kilos. If we then put our proverbial “comfort” into it, the damage is quickly done. The suggestion is not to deprive yourself of the foods you like but only that of reduce portionsunless you want to find yourself looking like a well-fed bull!

Indulge in your concreteness

Taurus is the most practical sign par excellence: concrete and stable, it gives a lot of importance to the fact that things fit together in their life. Work, loved ones, friends and all the lovely surroundings that make an ordinary life extraordinary are not an aspect to be neglected for him.
The advice therefore is to find your own reference points and to commit to maintaining them, even at the cost of fighting. Unstable, unclear, overly far-fetched situations are not good for you. Better to listen to your inner voice that pushes you towards having your feet firmly on the ground.

Vulnerable areas of the body

Those of Taurus are linked to neck region, in general, and therefore to the corresponding organs: the throat (therefore larynx and pharynx), the thyroid, and the esophagus. The advice is therefore to pay attention to colds that can lead to a sore throat; to gastroenterological diseases; and any thyroid hormone dysfunction.

Listen to yourself

His health is generally good, thanks also to rhythms of life that are not particularly stressfulbut not everyone can allow themselves the calm that the sign would require because everyone’s lifestyle has now become more accelerated than one would like.
Taurus doesn’t listen body signals and tends to extend working times beyond what his constitution would allow him, for this very reason he can experience states of stress and debilitation. The advice is to listen to yourself better in order to enjoy the pleasures of life with serenity.