Spiled up. It is said to have been the last word spoken by the historical Buddha, Gautama Siddharta.

The meaning of this sacred word, which can be recited as a Mantra is: “Remember who you are, remember that you are a Buddha, an awakened one”.

We are Buddhas, in fact. You certainly don’t need to be Buddhist to support this.

Never like in this moment of confusion and violencein what spirituality experts call “kali yuga” (the dark age), it is necessary to find oneself, understand who one is and where one is going.

From north to south, with the opening of the summer season, (fortunately) holistic festivals dedicated to well-being and the search for happiness proliferate that we still have within us, but sometimes we don’t know we have.

From yoga to mindfulness, for those looking for spiritual techniques, holistic festivals can represent an opportunity to take their first steps.

Abano Zen offers ten days of practices: from vipassana meditation to gong baths to Tibetan drums.

Rimini OM proposes that we all meditate together for peace. At sea.