Psmall and simple moves that can make you see only the beauty of this season: from the colors of the foods to their goodness. But also life as a couple and outdoor activities.

The transition from summer to autumn can be difficult to deal with: temperatures drop, daylight hours decrease and moods can drop. For this reason it is important to implement simple strategies to face autumn and enjoy all the gifts that this season offers us, even when we don’t realize it.

Tips for feeling good in autumn

Obtaining a good psycho-physical balance is essential for feel good. In all seasons. But in fall (and in winter) in particular, because the hours of daylight and therefore endorphins and adrenaline they decrease, as do the desire and possibility of being outdoors. Not to mention the climate which certainly doesn’t help improve your mood. The teacher Carol Ryff of the University of Wisconsin, has published a study that provides few, but essential, elements to be able to find (or rediscover) one’s balance. Just this season!

Sun and love: the allies of good mood

For feel good about themselves you must first know yourself: have one clear purpose in life and knowing where you want to go, while being aware of the past and the present moment, is essential. But enjoying excellent environmental control is also important: with the arrival of what we commonly call ‘bad season’ – but as we will discover this is not the case at all – the hours of light decrease and, with bad weather and rain, they instantly lower blood levels our good mood.

So let’s try to take advantage of sunny dayseven if cold, for fill up on vitamin D for our bones and let’s enjoy the moments in the open air giving ourselves long walks and trips to the mountains or to the sea as soon as we can, breathing clean Air and doing the full of energy.

The first ally of good mood it is undoubtedly theLove. But the second is certainly the spontaneity: when we are not spontaneous as a couple and choose attitudes so as not to displease our partner we are undermining the foundations of love. Trying to make the relationship go well always, at all costs, trying to match your desires and ways of being with those of your partner, at the cost of giving up your own, may seem like a laudable attitude. Actually it is a failure because it means accumulating frustrations and, sooner or later, exploding.

We need to start thinking that everything is good for love and for the couple it helps our fulfillment as individuals and protects against dependence on others.

Balanced nutrition in autumn

Autumn, like spring, is a transition season: from the heat of summer we move on to the cold temperatures of winter. One of the tips for making the most of the temperature changes and the consequences this has on our body is to follow a healthy and balanced diet. First of all it is good to buy only seasonal foods: don’t be fooled by the fact that you can also find typical summer products on supermarket shelves. Then remember to prepare hot dishes: leave rice salads and cold summer preparations aside and look for soup recipes. Your body will appreciate the warmth of these dishes.

As we have seen, even the foodindeed especially some foods, help to find an excellent one psycho-physical balance. With them colors – especially those that we miss from the summer season, namely yellow, red, orange or green – also help at the table to find serenity and well-being.

Three foods in a particular way, in this season, they manage to do so feel good:

  • the pumpkin
  • the persimmon
  • the pomegranate

The persimmon

The cacofor example, if you eat it in the morning, on an empty stomach, you help the intestine to find its own regularity thanks to fibers of which the fruit is very rich.

The pomegranate

It’s one of the biggest antioxidants existing in nature, thanks to tannins and anthocyanins, present in large quantities and responsible for its color. Take advantage of these autumn months to eat this fruit often and always choose it heavy because it means it is rich in juice. Also make sure that the color is brightbecause it means they are richer in antioxidants.

The pumpkin

And then there’s the pumpkin, very sweet and tasty, it is the autumn food par excellence. In addition to the numerous uses in the kitchen, we must not forget that the plant is also used in the field herbal, phytotherapeutic and cosmetic (try the DIY mask and pumpkin scrub and you’ll feel the skin!).

Even seeds and flowers they are edible, and are delicious as a base for omelettes or pasta. Pumpkin can be steamed or boiled to prepare soups and minestrone, but it can also be cut into cubes and cooked in a pan like classic roast potatoes, then adding extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.

This vegetable only provides 18 Kcal per 100 grams of product thanks to the large quantity of water contained and estimated at around 94.5%. Carbohydrates amount to 3.5%, while proteins, very few, constitute only 1.1%. THE fatsthey are almost absent and being orange, it is clear that pumpkin is a mine of carotenes and pro-vitamin A as well as minerals such as phosphorus, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Drink herbal teas and infusions

With the arrival of autumn, the season of herbal teas and infusions officially inaugurates, to be sipped on the sofa wrapped in a soft blanket. In addition to providing warm warmth, herbal teas and infusions are faithful allies of our immune defenses and are useful for fighting seasonal ailments. A perfect natural remedy, therefore, which also helps us relax after a long day of work. Among those to try, we recommend herbal teas with ginger, to be combined with lemon or orange, for a full dose of vitamins and energy. Citrus or red fruit infusions are also delicious, useful ingredients for dealing with autumn temperatures.

The company of friends to spread happiness

Remember that happiness and well-being they are contagious. Fortunately, the same does not seem to apply to the depression which catches many people in autumn. Therefore, associating with people who are going through a difficult period would not put us at risk, on the contrary, it can represent an opportunity to spread a mental state greet within the group of friends. And this is stated in a study carried out by researchers at the University of Manchester and Warwick, and recently published in Proceedings of the Royal Society.

The research findings highlighted that depression seems incapable of spreading within a social network. For those who are at risk, a sufficient number of friendships“healthy”, generally happy, can be a panacea, doubling the chances of recovery.

This is why it is necessary carve out some spaces to spend in company of friends more expensive. And no excuses of any kind are allowed.