A diet menu it’s exactly what you need to get back into shape after the excesses done during the winter. Especially in view of summer, low-calorie nutrition can be our ally with dietary recipes. Let’s take advantage of all the seasonal vegetables to prepare light foods that can be easily digested. Here’s 22 light recipes of first and second courses that are easy to make and above all very tasty.

Recipes for the delicious diet menu

Cook lightly it absolutely doesn’t mean giving up flavor. The idea that something needs excessive seasoning to be good seems to have almost gone out of fashion.

Let’s say that exceptions can be left to a day of celebration, when you can treat yourself to a rich dessert or some more caloric first course as a reward. On other occasions it is good to enjoy some low-calorie recipes but delicious.

In fact, let us remember that ahealthy eating it is not only necessary to have a lean body, but above all to face the days with sprint and age well. But now let’s see our light recipes to bring to the table.

So let’s start with i light and tasty first courses to bring to the table as part of a dietary menu. These dietary recipes they are so tasty that you won’t feel like you’re bringing light first courses to the table!

Pasta with artichokes

Pasta and artichokes – buttalapasta.it

Only 30 minutes and there pasta with artichokes is ready: it is one of the easiest and quickest recipes to make and requires very few ingredients.

Velvety Asparagus

Asparagus cream soup – buttalapasta.it

There Velvety Asparagus it is a delicious, refined and light dish, so delicate and rich in flavor that it is perfect as a light and dietary first course.

Risotto mimosa

How to prepare mimosa risotto to perfection – buttalapasta.it

Risotto mimosa: a colorful and tasty dish, with lots of good asparagus and eggs, tasty but with few calories, you can enjoy it for both lunch and dinner as part of a tasty diet menu.

Courgette rice

Courgette rice – Pixabay photo | Bella RaKo – buttalapasta.it

The courgette rice it is the recipe for a quick and easy first course, without too much fat, to prepare when you want something simple but very tasty.

Cucumber cream

Cucumber cream – Photo Pexels | Ponyo Sakana – buttalapasta.it

Here is a light version of the cucumber creamthe recipe for a refreshing first course to bring to the table, a creamy as well as light alternative to dietary first courses best known.

Pasta with Trapanese pesto on the diet menu

Busiate with Trapani pesto – buttalapasta.it

There pasta with Trapani-style pesto it is a typical Sicilian recipe but which derives from another classic. In fact, the people of Trapani modified the recipe for the original pesto made with basil by adding typical local ingredients, therefore almonds and tomatoes.

Zucchini spaghetti for the diet menu

Raw courgette spaghetti – buttalapasta.it

Like pasta, you can use the courgette spaghetti as a base to be seasoned to taste. For example, courgette spaghetti with tomato can be served for a light but tasty meal. It is one of the most versatile and easy to make low-calorie recipes, to be enjoyed even several times a week.

Quinoa with vegetables

Here’s how to make a delicious quinoa and raw vegetable salad – buttalapasta.it

Obviously the quinoa it can be brought to the table as part of a diet menu thanks to its low calories. Furthermore, it is one of the excellent dietary recipes both hot and cold, i.e. in salads. Then try it quinoa with vegetables and you will feel the goodness!

Rice with strawberries

Strawberry risotto – buttalapasta.it

The rice with strawberries it is a very tasty and refined spring first course, to bring to the table on special occasions. For example on Sunday, when you want to delight your guests with diet recipes that are neither banal nor sad.

Chickpea soup on the diet menu

Chickpea soup – buttalapasta.it

The recipe for chickpea soup it rightfully falls into the category of light preparations suitable for family lunch. It is an extremely tasty and nutritious but light comfort food.

Pasta salad with mussels

Pasta salad with mussels, if you try it, make it again – buttalapasta.it

With a delicious pasta salad with mussels and vegetables you can enjoy a first course suitable for the diet menu. Quick and easy to prepare, it is excellent for both lunch and dinner.

Also regarding the light second courses we can propose to the table light recipes perfect for a complete and tasty dietary menu. Furthermore, to be served as a side dish, choose all the dietary recipes from vegetable salads that your imagination suggests.

Chicken salad

Fresh and delicious chicken salad – buttalapasta.it

L’Light chicken salad it is a second course rich in flavor based on white meat. So it is light, tasty, but also colorful thanks to the seasonal vegetables which give freshness and originality to the dish.

Sea bream baked in foil for the diet menu

Baked fish – buttalapasta.it

L’sea ​​bream baked in foil it is a simple recipe for eating this fish with tasty and low-fat meat. But it is an exceptional dish.

Baked Pumpkin flowers

Stuffed courgette flowers – buttalapasta.it

The recipe of light baked courgette flowers allows you to enjoy one of the most delicious second courses without guilt. Filled with ricotta, they will amaze you with their lightness and delicate flavour.

Quinoa meet balls

Quinoa meatballs – buttalapasta.it

Even the Quinoa meet balls they are a delicious gluten-free second course to also be offered as a vegetarian, nutritious, light and original appetizer. Discover this which is one of the diet recipes that is also excellent as an appetizer.

Chickpea burger for a diet menu

Chickpea burger – Buttalapasta.it

The chickpea burger vegetarian or chickpea burger is extraordinarily tasty thanks to the presence, among the ingredients, of spring onion, spices and aromatic herbs. Tasty and light, the chickpea burger is a healthy dish that never tires.

Baked fish fillet

The recipe of the day for a quick and easy fish dish – buttalapasta.it

A light dish embellished with tasty spices. Also if you accompany this Quick fish fillet with rice it can also become a real single dish.

Asparagus Omelette

Asparagus omelette – Photo Pixabay | Ibimport – buttalapasta.it

There Asparagus Omelette it is ideal for a second course full of flavor and energy, which can also be baked in the oven. Furthermore, it can be served both hot and cold, even for tasty light appetizers.

Baked fennel for the diet menu

Delicious baked fennel – buttalapasta.it

Simple and light, i Baked fennels they are a tasty but extremely light second course, to be put on the table several times during the week.

Spinach roll

Spinach roll – buttalapasta.it

The spinach roll it is a vegetarian second course that is quite simple in preparation but rich in flavour, with a good filling of fresh spreadable cheese or ricotta.

Courgettes stuffed with quinoa

Courgettes stuffed with quinoa, the tasty and light recipe that is easy to make – buttalapasta.it

The courgettes stuffed with quinoa they are perfect for serving an exquisite second course based on vegetables, rich in proteins and light as well as satiating, ideal for a tasty diet menu.

Courgette omelette

Light courgette omelette – buttalapasta.it

Finally, here is another easy-to-make diet recipe, the courgette omelette it is a simple and tasty solution for your dietary menu, perfect to bring to the table for both lunch and dinner.