Science and technology help us live longer: if in 1982 the average age of a man in Italy was 70.9 years, today we can hope to live to at least 80. But as delay aging? There are several ways.

In 2022 the number of over centenarians in our country has reached almost 20 thousand units, a figure that has been in the last 20 years. The problem, however, is how we get there.

To ensure a long, fit and healthy life, we too must do our part. As? By adopting simple and healthy habits that accompany us every day. Here we suggest 5 with which to delay aging and stay young.

How to delay aging: 5 good habits to live longer and healthier

These precious tips concern nutrition and food choice, but also training and physical activity, which are essential to help you live longer. And there’s the mental aspect…

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01. To delay aging, eat American pistachios

A new study from Cornell University is published in the journal Nutrientsdemonstrated thehigh antioxidant capacity of American pistachios, those grown in California, compared to other foods commonly known for the same properties such as blueberries, pomegranates, cherries and beets. Some of the normal daily activities we carry out including eating, breathing, playing sports are responsible for the generation of free radicals in our body which cause inflammation and aging of healthy cells.

Antioxidants help counteract the damage caused by free radicals as well as contributing to mental well-being and strengthening the immune system. Green light therefore, within a healthy and balanced diet, to at least one portion per day of American pistachiosequal to approximately 49 units: not only will you slow down aging but you will fill up on many other useful substances such as copper, proteins, fibre, vitamin B6, phosphorus and thiamine.



02. How to delay aging? Train your sixth sense

Technically the experts call it proprioception that is, the ability to perceive and recognize the position of one’s body in space. If you have never included one or more exercises that train this skill, you have made a big mistake. Until now: “We often take it for granted but proprioception is an indispensable skill even for walking and, in my opinion, training it is a sort of life insurance that allows you to better manage not only the passing years but all your daily activities”, he explains Mirco La Mendolapersonal trainer and manager of movement therapy at Villa Eden, a retreat hotel specializing in getting back into shape and longevity.

“Even a simple action like walking includes small moments of balance in which one remains on one foot before placing the other on the ground. It is no coincidence that as the years pass, the width of the step shortens, and with it also the muscles. For this reason my advice is to insert some proprioceptive exercises into your training routine“. You can try doing crunches while sitting on a bosu (that hemisphere with a rubber side) or on a mini trampoline (rebound) but also a static move like the plank with your hands resting on one balance board can become challenging to your “sixth sense” and super workout for yours too core!

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03. To delay aging, take care of your intestinal microbiota

Around 400 bacterial species live in our intestines which populate the complex ecosystem called intestinal microbiota and which performs many different functions useful for the well-being of the organism, including synthesizing micronutrients, fighting harmful germs and supporting the immune system. Furthermore, the intestine is the only organ to contain an independent nervous system capable of producing around forty substances including hormones and neurotransmitters. This is why a healthy intestine with a dynamic and varied microbiota is synonymous with well-being and health.

A recent study conducted on centenarians, elderly and young people in Japan and published in the journal Nature discovered that the microbiota of centenarians is populated by a very diverse community of microbes which inhibits the development of intestinal pathologies. If you want to develop and maintain a healthy intestinal microbiota and ensure a long life, remember to “feed” the little world inside you with probioticsnatural such as yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, miso… or in the form of supplements.

But which ones in particular? There is no microbiota that is the same as another and, in fact, the pharmaceutical company Giuliani has developed the Nutrivel personalized plan that exploits L’Artificial intelligence to establish the correct mix of probiotics. It works like this: you fill out a questionnaire and book a home urine test. Your data is analyzed by AI to establish, based on an algorithm, what your weak points are within 5 areas of well-being: metabolism and digestion, mood and concentration, defenses, energy, or vitality and longevity. From this information, the correct mix of probiotics and active nutrients to integrate is formulated and sent to your home. The plan lasts three months – although the first benefits begin after 25 days – after which another urine test can be carried out to establish what has really changed.


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04. How to delay aging? Set goals

Surely you already know this. A study published in the journal Psychological Science establishes that having a purpose in life affects longevity. Researchers at Carleton University in Canada have shown not only the importance of having a purpose in life, but also that there is no right age to start doing so. “The sooner you find a purpose in life, the sooner the positive effects begin to be felt” specifies Patrick Hill who, together with his colleague Nicholas Turiano of the University of Rochester Medical Center, led the study.

The goal does not have to be unattainable and can concern different areas of lifefrom the professional one (covering a specific role in the company or changing jobs or starting your own business), personal ones (going on a trip or renovating your home furnishings) or sporting ones such as taking part in a competition and following a structured program to achieve a goal default.

But what do these longevity benefits depend on? “There is not yet a clear and complete answer” explain Hill and Turiano, “It could depend on the fact that setting a goal leads people to adopt healthier lifestyles, which certainly help you stay fit and age well” they hypothesize. “Or people feel more satisfied and full of energy and this condition leads them to live longer.”

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05. To delay aging, do sports and breathe better

Recent research establishes that severe stress can reduce a 30-year-old man’s life expectancy by up to 2.8 years. So, if you want to live longer and better, learn to manage stressful situations: a study conducted last year by Dr. Brendon Stubbsresearcher and professor at King’s College London, together with sports brand Asics, has shown that doing sport helps manage daily stress and anxieties. Therefore, the more time you dedicate to physical activity, the happier you are.

Tennis in particular seems to be the discipline that most of all guarantees long life: Danish researchers from the Copenhagen City Heart Study they analyzed the behavior of over 20 thousand people (over a time horizon of 25 years), men and women aged between 20 and 90. And it has emerged that physical activity and the social relationships implicit in the practice of tennis are the best for living healthy and long.

Tennis not for you? “Find a sport that you like and that you enjoy doing alone or in company and you will immediately notice important benefits on your body and above all on your mood”, says Stubbs. Also Breathing plays an important role in managing stress: Focusing on your breathing calms anxiety by reducing cortisol levels in the blood and stimulating the release of nitric oxide. This helps open partially blocked blood vessels, protecting the heart from the negative effects of stress. Breathe at the rate of four seconds: inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale for four seconds and wait four seconds to inspire again. Repeat and relax.