If you are looking for recipes for… Quick no-cook appetizers to include in yours summer dinner menu, then you are just in the right place! In fact, we have selected the best ones for you quick appetizers based yes meatOf fish and of course also vegetariansfor those who prefer dishes based on vegetables and legumes.

Quick appetizer without cooking, ideas for tasty recipes

All the recipes of delicious appetizers and fast which you find below are without cooking, they are enjoyed cold, so they can also be prepared in advance. In addition to starting lunch or dinner with friends, you can also serve many of these finger foods as appetizer for aperitif. But let’s go straight to discover the best recipes!

Appetizers without cooking fish

Here is our selection of cold fish-based appetizerssuitable for summer lunches and dinners in the company of friends and relatives!

Oysters with lemon, quick gourmet appetizer

oysters with lemon

A delicious appetizer of oysters and lemon – buttalapasta.it

The oysters with lemon they are considered an aphrodisiac appetizer to be consumed during a romantic candlelit dinner. But we assure you that they will be a great success with all your guests, even if they are just friends.. All you need is some lemon, lots of iceand obviously excellent ones very fresh oysters.

No-cook appetizers: salmon tartare

portion of salmon tartare with avocado
Salmon tartare – buttalapasta.it

If you love them no-cook fish-based appetizers try it smoked salmon tartare with avocadoa quick delight to prepare, to be rigorously enjoyed cold. This recipe is very easy and success is guaranteed even if you are not an expert in the kitchen, try it!

Tuna paté

Tuna pâté on toasted bread

Tuna pâté on toast – buttalapasta.it

The tuna paté it is a wild recipe with which you can prepare a sort of mousse to serve on the table for your starters without cooking fish. Very easy, very quick, delicious, try this pâté and make your dinner.

Swordfish carpaccio, a tasty quick appetizer

Swordfish carpaccio for cold appetizers without cooking

Swordfish carpaccio – buttalapasta.it

Go to your trusted fishmonger and tell him you want to prepare the swordfish carpacciohe will cut the slices to the right size and you can prepare this recipe and bring this delicious and tasty no-cook appetizer to the table.

Raw scampi, refined uncooked appetizers

Raw scampi

Raw scampi – buttalapasta.it

For a quick appetizer without cooking we suggest a very refined dish, the raw scampi which you can prepare in a very short time and using few ingredients. This scampi crudité is ready on the table in just ten minutes and you will make a great impression on your guests.

Tuna piadina

Tuna piadina cut in half on a plate

Tuna piadina – buttalapasta.it

Delicious and quick to prepare, the tuna piadina it is a quick no-cook appetizer perfect for a dinner with friends. You can prepare it effortlessly and present it on the table in rolls, for appetizing finger food to be served on a large tray. You will see that they will conquer everyone with their simple and genuine goodness.

Cold meat appetizers

Let’s see below the best no-cook meat-based appetizers, some of which can also be enjoyed as appetizers for aperitifs.

Melon and raw ham skewers

cold dishes without cooking ham and melon

Ham and melon – buttalapasta.it

With them melon and raw ham skewers bring one of the to the table classic cold appetizers of Italian cuisine, but presenting it in a more original and pleasant way. Choose excellent quality, tasty raw ham if you like the marked contrast of flavours.

Breadsticks with tuna mousse and ham

Breadsticks recipe

Breadsticks to be filled with tuna and ham mousse – buttalapasta.it

Prepare a nice tray full of breadsticks with tuna mousse and ham, cooked or raw, as you prefer. You can also use slices of roasted or Praga ham, if you like the slightly smoky flavour.

No-cook appetizers: the classic tartare

Beef tartare

Beef tartare – Buttalapasta.it

Here is a cold appetizer dedicated to lovers of raw meat, the classic tartare it is a refined dish that is generally served on special occasions. With our recipe you can prepare it whenever you want!

Rolls Of Cooked Ham

ham and gorgonzola rolls recipe

Ham rolls – buttalapasta.it

Suitable for a quick and tasty menu, the Rolls Of Cooked Ham with cheese are delicious morsels that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes. Everyone likes them, including children and you can also prepare them in advance and then serve them on the table at lunch or dinner.

Bresaola, rocket and parmesan

Bresaola, rocket and parmesan, simple, delicious appetizer recipe

Bresaola, rocket and parmesan, the simple recipe for a tasty appetizer – buttalapasta.it

A nice plate of bresaola, rocket and parmesan it is the perfect cold appetizer to present on the table when there are many guests. Its flavor is satisfying and it really can be prepared in five minutes.

Quick vegetarian appetizers

We end our list of proposals with the easiest and quickest to prepare cold vegetarian appetizers, but always very tasty!

Cheese canapés

Cheese canapés with cucumber slice

Cheese canapés – buttalapasta.it

Very quick and easy to make, the cheese tarts adults and children like them. Take some good homemade bread, round crackers or rice cakes, if you prefer. Spread the bread with cheese and season with aromatic herbs, your appetizer for the starter is ready! And if you love appetizers with bread, don’t miss them summer bruschetta tastier to prepare!

Stuffed mozzarella

Stuffed mozzarella for quick cold appetizers

Mozzarella to fill – buttalapasta.it

Here is an unusual way of presenting this cheese: la stuffed mozzarella Children also like it very much. Then include it in your menu and bring this very, very tasty and simple to prepare cold appetizer to the table.

Dip for starters without light cooking

bowl with yogurt and vegetable dip

Vegetable dip – buttalapasta.it

The light dip it is the ideal light cold appetizer for those who want to keep fit. The many types of vegetables used should be served with light yogurt-based sauces lean with zero fat. Its fresh flavor mixed with the crunchiness of the vegetables will win you over!

Guacamole for super tasty quick cold appetizers


Guacamole – buttalapasta.it

The guacamole it is a sauce of avocado and other vegetables that you can serve at the table accompanying it with croutons, tortillas or classic nachos, corn triangles or breadsticks.

Courgette carpaccio

Courgette carpaccio

Courgette carpaccio – buttalapasta.it

Finally we end our list of no-cook appetizer recipes with a delicious one courgette carpaccio prepared with marinated raw courgettes in lemon juice and season simply with garlic and black pepper. But if you want a more substantial appetizer you can enrich the dish with pine nuts and flaked cheese.