Make a diet menu with weight loss recipes that are also tasty and appetizing it is possible. In fact, to find the line it is not necessary to necessarily resort to light recipes low-calorie and dietary and eat only salad and chicken but you can bring to the table many delicious dishes cooked with different cooking methods. So here is a review of delicious dishes with few calories quick and easy to prepare.

Recipes of light dishes to lose weight with taste

A healthy and balanced diet is the basis of our well-being: why not try one of these light, dietary, quick and tasty recipes based on vegetables, meat and fish for lunch or dinner? They are perfect for the whole family! Here are many delicious ideas for starters, first and second courses to lose weight without giving up taste, and also take a look at the nutritionist’s tips Sarah Mangioneto know how to eat correctly even on a diet.

Light fish-based recipes for weight loss

You can follow one light recipe that is tasty but not high-calorie? Of course yes, and there isn’t just one! We offer you 3 recipes to lose weight with fish, which you can combine with side dishes of vegetable salads to enhance the flavor of the sea and the land in dishes that will be truly impossible to resist.

The defect? They end too quickly… They are such good ideas that you can no longer do without them, whether for a family lunch or for a special dinner in the company of guests.

Quick grilled swordfish

Delicious grilled swordfish to prepare quickly and easily –

This is one of the tastiest ideas to bring to the table, especially for those who love dietary cuisine and want to opt for healthy recipes in which taste and balance mix perfectly. Among the tasty and light recipes, this is undoubtedly one of the most delicious and classic.

It’s about the grilled swordfishone of the light fish-based second courses seasoned only with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and aromatic herbs to give an irresistible taste.

Tasty light salmon burger

Light salmon burger –

This is a light recipe perfect for a light dinner, for those looking for dietary cuisine and quick and healthy recipes. Definitely one of the dishes to try at least once, although we are certain that, once tasted, you will no longer be able to give up its taste and lightness! The light salmon burger cooked on the grill they are the perfect alternative to meat.

Simple and delicious cod with tomato

Cod fillet with tomato –

A delicious second course, it is practically perfect for those who need a low-calorie meal but still want to enjoy the pleasures of the table. The delicate harmony of the sauce and its main ingredient is a true pearl among dietary recipes. Prepare an impeccable tomato Cod it’s not difficult at all and the simple goodness of this recipe will leave you speechless.

Cod with salad

Cod with salad with tomato and olives, a tasty and light dish –

The cod with salad it is one of the tastiest fish-based recipes for weight loss, simple to prepare, and excellent for dinner or lunch in summer. Its peculiarity is the seasoning, such an appetizing light dish is worth tasting and serving on the table several times during a diet so as not to give up the taste.

Meat-based recipes for weight loss

For quick and easy light recipes, here is a series of very simple dishes to make even for those who are less experienced in the kitchen. With these 3 ideas you can prepare tasty dishes that combine lightness with the taste of exquisite ingredients and capable of transforming a simple food into an explosion of goodness to the nth degree.

It won’t take much time to do them and they will make everyone, adults and children, agree! Here are our best meat-based weight loss recipes that are perfect for giving your palate and that of your guests a gourmet experience. Success is guaranteed!

Tasty light braised meat, the king of weight-loss recipes

Light braised meat –

Do you love this dish but is it too heavy in its classic version? Certainly, braised meat is not exactly suitable for summer and a low-calorie diet, but with this recipe light braised meat we will try to give you the solution to include it in all respects among the dishes to enjoy if you are on a diet. Doing it is very quick and the result will truly leave you speechless, ready for the encore!

Stewed turkey with potatoes, celery and carrots

Stewed turkey –

Among the light recipes based on white meat, there is no shortage of that of stewed turkey with potatoes, celery and carrots. It is a second course that you will no longer be able to do without, especially because it is very light and perfect in a diet that requires few calories. Stewed turkey is so easy to make that it almost prepares itself, discovering the recipe has only one guaranteed way out: try it and enjoy it immediately!

Light roast rabbit

Light roast rabbit –

If you dream of bringing an elegant and timeless second course to the table, but at the same time rich in flavor and light, nothing better than the classic light roast rabbit. The delicate taste of rabbit meat combines with the scented caress of a mix of aromatic herbs, sage, rosemary and thyme. The secret of this delicacy lies in the correct cooking, so pay attention to the times and you’re done!

The recipe for light roast rabbit It’s really quick to prepare and super good! With this formula, the result is a very light dish suitable for a low-calorie lunch or dinner. It is a reinterpretation of the traditional version and reserves a delicious surprise that will make you fall in love with this dish and you will never want to forget it. The aromatic herbs are a touch of pure energy in this recipe, in perfect balance between lightness and delight.

Baked Chicken breast

Baked chicken breast, light recipe –

A classic weight loss recipe that is very tasty and goes great for both dinner and lunch, this is the Baked Chicken breastto accompany a fresh and light vegetable salad.

Vegetarian weight loss recipes

Search light vegetarian recipes to delight your guests with a light and at the same time tasty vegetable-based menu? All you have to do is indulge your desire to experiment and give in to the delicious list of variations that we propose below. From light recipes with courgettes to those with aubergines, there is a world of flavors waiting for you, ready to delight you with unparalleled taste and lightness.

Tasty and quick to make courgette carpaccio

Courgette carpaccio –

Between vegetarian weight loss recipes we suggest you try the courgette carpaccio, if you dream of a quick and tasty side dish, this is the solution! This is a no-cook and very easy recipe. In fact, the courgette carpaccio recipe is ideal for combining flavor and lightness in a single dish.

Colorful and fragrant, this dish brings to the table a healthy breath of freshness that fears no comparison. The vegetables are cut into very thin slices and… All you have to do is find out how this fantastic light recipe proceeds, so good it’s mouth-watering!

Light baked aubergines au gratin

Light aubergines au gratin –

It is an excellent dish as a side dish, ideal to combine with meat but also fish-based dishes, but also good as a second course. A truly versatile and easy to make recipe, which you will no longer be able to do without aubergines au gratin they are what you need to amaze and delight family and guests. Thanks to the perfect combination of its ingredients, this dish is low-calorie and at the same time very tasty, so good that you will forget that it is part of the best diet recipes that exist!

Light, fat-free baked omelette

Baked omelette –

This is a light and easy to prepare recipe, excellent for a quick lunch or dinner but also extraordinary for special occasions. No oil and no frying: do the baked omelette By eliminating the bad smell of fried food and its fat content, you can simply follow all the steps to the letter to compose this truly intense and light, sophisticated and delicious dish.

Courgettes stuffed with quinoa, the most suitable recipe for weight loss

Courgettes stuffed with quinoa, the tasty and light recipe that is easy to make –

With the courgettes stuffed with quinoa bring a delicious dish to the table to serve as a complete first or second course suitable for dinner or lunch. In fact, quinoa helps speed up the metabolism and above all has a high satiating power which calms the appetite. So if you aim to lose weight and follow a slimming diet, it is the perfect food to introduce into your diet.