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Detoxify the body, lose weight, regain energy and lightness. Summer arrives and the desire to feel fit explodes. Many spas offer get-in-form programs, from the more drastic ones that involve fasting to those with a softer approach combined with treatments. Let’s see them.


Four spa addresses in Italy and abroad for weight loss and more.


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Hotel Garberhof

In the boutique Garberhof 4* Superior hotel located in Malles Venosta (BZ), in the Upper Venosta Valley, the Pobitzer family proposes an experience of purification and relaxation between yoga, meditation, physical activity, wellness treatments and an ad hoc menu conceived between taste and lightness. A week dedicated to physical and mental well-being in the peace of the mountains, staying in the spacious “silent luxury” style rooms and suites with timeless elegance.

The daily program of the four detox days includes a purifying tea served in the room, followed by breakfast with a nutritious porridge and fresh fruit.

In the morning physical activity like yoga, water aerobics in the Mii pool: I love spas and nature walks. After a light lunch, a new session of activities for the well-being of body and mind, such as guided meditation and pilatesand then dedicate yourself to precious moments of relaxation in which to let go of stress like him aufguss in the panoramic saunasthe deep purification ritual accompanied by oriental scents in the largest hotel hammam in Italy or a quiet walk in the vast wellness garden with natural organic pond. The day ends with a light and tasty dinner in the Pobitzer Restaurant.

To complete and enhance the purifying action of the daily program, you can also add package of 3 “Pure detox” treatments from Mii:Amo spa: a complete draining massage to reactivate lymphatic circulation and facilitate the removal of liquids and toxins from the body; a seaweed compress that acts intensively to combat cellulite, strengthen tissues and promote deep hydration; finally, an Ägyptos bandage which, thanks to the detoxifying and purifying action of Dead Sea salts, helps reduce centimeters in problem areas and rejuvenates and tones the skin, giving it new energy and vitality.


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Gardena Grödnerhof Hotel & spa

The detox method proposed by the Institute is based on the cold Gardena Grödnerhof Hotel & spa which celebrated a century of life last year. La new treatment area, which has been completely redone hosts the Gardena spa whose philosophy is centered on three elements: heat, cold and tranquility. Various saunas and steam baths, an exclusive women-only spa, indoor pools, an outdoor hot tub and relaxation rooms complement the actual detox treatment: Zerobody Crio, during which the body is completely enveloped by a membrane at a controlled temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius. This non-invasive procedure offers similar benefits to traditional cryotherapy and ice water immersion, but in a safe and comfortable environment.

Zerobody Crio offers the relaxing experience of floating dry without any moisture. The benefits of cold therapy are widely recognized: by cooling the epidermis, cryotherapy promotes rejuvenation and improves skin tone. It can also be combined with a detox food program and further lymphatic drainage massages and body wraps to facilitate the elimination of toxins: i lymphatic drainage massages they promote the natural flow of lymphatic fluid, responsible for transporting waste and toxins away from the tissues, while the body wraps they help draw out impurities through the skin. Also numerous mindfulness practices offers to support the holistic wellness journey.


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FX Mayr Retreat Bleib Berger

The new hotel FX Mayr Retreat Bleib Berg in the tourist area of ​​Villach in Carinthia (Austria) it is an advanced structure that offers particular treatments aimed at improving various aspects of health. The Resort has a whole team of doctors, psychologists, sports scientists, masseurs, therapists and dieticians led by head doctor Bruno Pramsoller which contributed to the creation of an innovative proposal that combines relaxation and well-being of body and mind, promoting prevention, fasting and holistic health. Together with a doctor, a tailor-made program is established, from nutrition to treatments.

Among the proposals there is also the fasting package and guided excursions. «Physical exercise promotes internal mobility. Moderate and reasonable exercise during fasting and Mayr therapy is the ideal complement to all detoxification measures” explains Pramsoller. Fasting, adjusted according to the personal needs of each client, and hiking are therefore the perfect combination to detoxify the body. You will also get to know the upper Bleiberg valley around the Villach region.

Among the types of fasting there is also the four-phase fasting, which consists of a conscious reduction to the essential. «Consciously focusing on nutritional culture, detoxification and metabolic regulation under medical supervision leads to a significant improvement in health. The personal nutritional level is always determined together with our doctors” added Pramsoller.


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Fonteverde Resort & spa

In Tuscany, in the heart of Val d’Orcia, the Fonteverde Resort & spa proposes the program three-day intermittent fasting, under medical supervision. It is a dietary program that produces physiological and healthy weight loss. It reduces abdominal fat while maintaining lean mass, promotes cell and tissue regeneration, reduces inflammation, prevents metabolic and degenerative diseases and increases healthy life expectancy. The short program consists of 2 days of semi-fasting and 1 day of personalized diet.​

Relaxing and draining treatments are also associated which improve the effects of the diet.The entire process takes place under medical supervision, with daily meetings. Particularly renowned are the The resort’s thermal poolsused for treatment and relaxation, and those overviews on the surrounding nature.