Lean meats, some beverages, and various fruits and vegetables can help mitigate the symptoms of excess alcohol.

The 30 Best Foods and Drinks to Relieve a HangoverThe 30 Best Foods and Drinks to Relieve a Hangover

Last update: June 7, 2024

Do you wake up with a headache, stomach discomfort and other physical discomforts after drinking? These undesirable effects develop once the blood alcohol concentration is reduced and can include various symptoms. Eating foods for a hangover, although it does not represent a magic solution, contributes to reducing them.

Pears, watermelon, eggs and spinach are just a few examples with properties that help the body recover nutrients and rehydrate. We invite you to find out what snacks and drinks can be useful to accompany those mornings of physical instability.

1. Oats

The fiber content of this cereal helps reduce the inflammation promoted by a hangover. In addition, it is a source of calcium, iron, vitamin B3 and folate, which are also associated with improving symptoms.

You can prepare it in many ways to take advantage of its benefits. For example, mix it with milk, cinnamon and add blueberries, also positive for mitigating symptoms.

2. Blueberries

Blueberries or cranberries have multiple health benefits. They also fight inflammation, an action that can calm hangover symptoms.

In fact, other scientific work places it among the fruits with positive effects on ethanol metabolism. Anthocyanins, carotene and vitamin C are the components involved in this action. There are many ways to eat cranberries, such as in infusions or in the dried variant, similar to raisins.

3. Pear

According to a 2019 study, hangover symptoms can be alleviated by altering the rate of alcohol metabolism. This is achieved by affecting the activity of different enzymes and the pear is presented as one of the fruits with the greatest benefits in this sense.

For its part, the Korean pear, also known as Japanese, Asian or sand pear, could reduce the concentration of ethanol. The same research that suggests cranberries maintains that it is a traditional medicine for relieving hangovers.

4. Eggs

An amino acid in eggs, called cysteine, contributes to the production of glutathione antioxidant, which can be decreased after ingesting alcohol. In this sense, a recent study indicates that this component relieves hangover symptoms and attenuates oxidative stress induced by alcohol. However, it is work done with animals.

5. Cucumber

Like pear, cucumber and its juices are positive for increasing the enzymatic activity of the liver after alcohol intake. Due to this, blood metabolism is stimulated to contribute to hangover relief.

On the other hand, pickled gherkins and other vegetables prepared in brine, may be positive due to sodium content. It is an electrolyte that reduces its presence with excessive alcohol intake.

6. Salmon

A review of studies suggests that the inflammatory response to alcohol is a determining factor in the severity of a hangover. Some fish also help reduce inflammation, such as salmon, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acid content. In this way, preparing a baked salmon recipe can be a good idea for a hangover lunch.

7. Ginseng red

One of the foods to get rid of a natural hangover is ginseng red, plant of the Panax genus that grows in eastern countries. It is a source of B vitamins, iron and zinc, which is why it is often used as a remedy to reduce stress.

A 2014 study suggests it has effects on relieving hangover symptoms. This plant is available in health food stores or herbalists, and can be consumed in infusions or tablets.

8. Spinach

One of the most effective vegetables for relieving discomfort is spinach, due to its folate content. Deficiency of this nutrient is associated with excessive alcohol consumption. And spinach can help regulate it, since a 100-gram raw serving provides almost half the daily value.

9. Other green leafy vegetables

In addition to spinach, other green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, chard and arugula, are a source of fiber and minerals such as potassium. Along with sodium and magnesium, it can help replace body fluids and electrolytes that are reduced by alcohol.

The dietary fiber in vegetables helps improve symptoms of constipation or diarrhea, also common in people with a hangover. Green leafy vegetables are ideal for preparing a varied salad.

10. Banana

Another good food for a hangover is banana. Its antacid effect helps reduce the symptoms of heartburn, common after ingesting excessive alcohol. As is known, it is also a source of potassium, and a medium specimen contains around 12% of the daily value.

11. Apple

pectin, a type of fiber present in apples, has positive effects on alcohol poisoning, as suggested by a 2018 animal study. This component may affect the absorption of ethanol.

Therefore, it is a good idea to eat this fruit to alleviate hangover symptoms. It can be combined with others that also contain pectin, such as grapes, oranges or cranberries.

12. Walnuts and almonds

Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds, They have a high magnesium content, and can help replenish this mineral affected by alcohol. This is suggested by a 2013 study, although with the caveat that the evidence is limited. Even so, walnuts are a positive food to prevent metabolic syndrome.

13. Ginger

Ginger has multiple beneficial properties for the body. It is usually used in different ways to treat cough due to its antibacterial and antiviral nature. Ginger infusions, alone or combined with lemon, They have anti-inflammatory and digestive effects that can help calm the symptoms.

14. Orange

Another food for a hangover for its vitamin C content, which can improve glutathione levels. In addition to the fruit and its juice, the orange can be consumed in jams or infusions with cinnamon. Also integrate them into recipes for lunch or dinner, such as orange chicken.

15. Crackers

Eating carbohydrates increases blood sugar levels, which can help reduce symptoms. Salty snacks, such as toast or crackers, are useful in this regard, although they should be eaten in moderation. Avoid other carbohydrate foods that are too fatty.

16. Avocado

Like bananas and some green leafy vegetables, avocado is a source of potassium. Therefore, it can be considered among hangover foods. On the other hand, it contains nicotinic acid, also known as niacin or vitamin B3. The intake of this nutrient is associated with the reduction of hangover symptoms.

17. Honey

The effect of honey on hangovers is due to the fructose content. This food presents it in large quantities and there is evidence that it can contribute to the elimination of alcohol. Research on mice showed that reduced ethanol concentration in blood. Honey is easy to include in cooking, through infusions or in glaze recipes.

18. Meats

Some beef or chicken may help improve symptoms. Options with a lot of protein and are preferable. low fat, since greasy foods can negatively affect digestion. Consider lean meats for this goal.

19. Shiitake

This mushroom native to East Asia has the potential to reduce the absorption of ethanol in the gastrointestinal tract. It’s about the fungus Lentinula edodesbrown in color and with a strong aroma.

As stated in a study in the magazine Nutrients, inhibits the absorption of ethanol in the stomach. He shiitake It can be obtained fresh or dehydrated, and can be used in soup, stir-fry or scrambled eggs.

20. Asparagus

Some components of asparagus can help improve hangovers. This food acts on the activity of liver enzymes that help break down alcohol. Furthermore, due to its antioxidant nature, it contributes to cellular protection, and is considered a diuretic and laxative. Asparagus can be included in the diet as a creamy soup, or as gazpacho, among other recipes to take advantage of its benefits.

21. Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes, also known as sweet potatoes, are included among foods to relieve hangovers due to the presence of several nutrients. For example, its potassium and magnesium content, which usually decrease in the body when alcohol is ingested and helps to replace them. Along with this, The contribution of vitamin A is positive to reduce inflammation.

Take advantage of all the benefits of sweet potatoes by combining them with carrots, nuts and other puree recipes.

22. Watermelon

One of the best foods for a hangover is watermelon, since it contributes to rehydration and promotes blood flow. These benefits are due to the presence of L-citrullinean amino acid that can lower blood pressure.

In a 2013 scientific study, a group of athletes received natural watermelon juice enriched with L-citrulline. The results helped reduce recovery heart rate and muscle soreness after 24 hours.

8 drinks and infusions to relieve a hangover

As you may have noticed, hydration is just as important as hangover foods. Recover lost fluid and minerals during alcohol intake is essential to mitigate symptoms.

  1. Tomato juice. Tomato properties may contribute to protection against liver damage.
  2. Coffee. A cup of coffee can help reduce inflammation, however, it is not advisable to abuse this infusion.
  3. Soda water. You can combine it with soda or sparkling water, which contributes to the breakdown of alcohol in the body.
  4. Water. Alcohol promotes dehydration by increasing the urge to urinate. Water is the first liquid to replace under hangover symptoms.
  5. Green Tea. The infusion of Camellia sinensis It can be a good alternative. Like sparkling water, it demonstrated effectiveness in preventing alcohol-induced liver damage.
  6. Fermented persimmon juice. A 2019 scientific study suggests that the juice of this fruit, enriched with an amino acid known as GABA, has possible hangover-relieving effects.
  7. Juice of ashitaba. It is a Japanese plant –Angelica Keiskei–, with detoxifying properties. In other research, it demonstrated its effectiveness in calming hangovers. It was combined in a natural solution with pear and green grapes in equal parts.
  8. Pear juice, sweet lime and coconut water. In the same study that highlighted the properties of the pear, an anti-hangover product was developed from these three ingredients. The proportions are 65% pear, 25% lime and 10% coconut water.

Hangover Foods Can Help, But They’re Not the Only Solution

A snack of these foods or a cup of the drinks has the potential to relieve hangover symptoms. However, they are not magic remedies or solutions. The best way to avoid these effects is not to drink alcohol excessively..

In addition, it is advisable to stay hydrated by alternating alcoholic beverages with glasses of water. Try to get enough sleep after drinking to lessen the effects. If hangover symptoms persist or are very strong, seek medical advice.